Friday, December 18, 2009

Sleep the Clock Around...

Hi everybody! How was your Thursday? Mine was son and so. Yesterday night there was an earthquake near Spain and I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning and couldn't sleep until 8... nothing happened, but I felt the seismic waves!

Anyway, I want to show you today a lovely place called Demasié. Is a cute cafe near Urquinaona, in the center ob Barcelona. I went yesterday with my lovely Cris, Esther and Eric... wanna know Eric?

This lovely guy is Eric!

Our lovely meal!

And today, I went back again with Micky. I bought him his Christmas present (a light table for drawing) and he gave me mine (a pair of cool sneakers).

By the way, yes! Today I was wearing my yellow dress at last!

Dress - Vintage
Floral tights - H&M
Shoes - Wonders (second hand)
Bow - Offbrand
Bag - Women Secret

Sorry about the poor post, but believe me, I'm so tired... I only slept about 3 hours!! Next post would be cooler and better!

Now, with Belle and Sebastian (yes, the title of this post is a song from them), I'm off to bed... I hope your friday would be great!!


  1. Pretty yellow dress!! You look like a doll (again! ^^)

  2. Tía!! Que lugares mas chulos hay por Bcn!!!! Que envidia!! xDDDD

    Me encanta como te queda el vestido, es impresionante!! ♥

    De verdad sentiste el terremoto? Yo ni a palos!! xDDD

  3. Un terremoto ??? no me he enterado, y ni siquiera lo he visto en las noticias. Que impresion !
    La cafeteria tiene super buena pinta, se ve muy acojedora, me pasare un dia :)

    Un beso guapisima

  4. Wow! me encantan tus fotos!!! Y esa ilustracion del monstruo de las galletas es geniaaaal ♥

  5. That cafe looks so cute! :) And I love your yellow dress! I've been looking everywhere for the perfect yellow dress, and I just can't find one.

  6. Ptit Beurre !!! how fun ! what a cool yellow dress !

  7. chica si es que te queda bien todo! XD
    y que sitio mas chulo *______*!! yo quiero ese cuadro para mi salon!! x33
    un beso guapa (L)

  8. Oh you poor thing, I hope you got some sleep.

    I love that photo of you in front of cookie monster, so cute.

    The cafe looks so cool.

  9. Oh dear, sweetie hope you've had enough sleep!

    You look like a pretty buttercup in that yellow dress! In fact you were very matchy-matchy, I love it:P


  10. I think you've got a really cool blog. This is my first time here. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

  11. Viva ese vestido amarillo, te queda de muerte!
    Tendriamos que inaugurar el "día oficial del cotilleo" xD
    Tenemos que repetir!

  12. Conoces a Micky?? XDDD
    yo hace tiempo que no sé de él Ò_Ó
    (aunque tampoco nos conocemos demasiado, ya que las que son amigas de él son mis dos mejores amigas, yo lo conozco de rebote xD).
    Verle me recuerda que tendría que ir a Chunichi Comics a comprar alguna que otra cosilla...xD

  13. I just love, love your dress and tight combo. So pretty!

  14. OOOH I love maximo park, I got to meet them once.

    Your yellow dress is so pretty on you, love it.

    I tagged you for an award on my blog hun.

    How can I get onto Lookbook?


  15. Oh yellow is perfect with your red hair! bisou


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