Friday, December 04, 2009

Good night, another bad morning.

Hello everybody! Weekend's here, and I'm so exited because tomorrow morning, Laia and I will be very early at Las Ramblas for the Sonia Rykiel's release at H&M!! Yaw, girl, less than a day!

On the other hand, this week is gonna be funny, indeed. On saturday, dinner and Razz. On Sunday, Virus (a gothic party). On monday, relax... (yea, I'll need it) and on tuesday... Editors! Yes, finally, we're going to see them! And after that... my birthday! God, I can't believe it... just another year? *gasp*

Anyway, I would like to thank you all your lovely comments in this blog, but specially in my last entry about Kate Moss. I'm glad about sharing my opinion with yours; please, keep on expressing and sharing them with me (about Kate or anything), I love reading them.

Coat and skirt - Green Coast
Sweater - Pimkie
Tights - Calzedonia
Bag - Vintage
Shoes - Sonia Rykiel <3
Hat - Claire's
Clock necklace - handmade

Yesterday I had lunch with Esther, Maka and Eva; and after that, we went to Tamar's shop and had a nice coffee with her. I love those kind of days with friends, it's quite funny (and we're always joking about everything; yesterday, for example, it was about a doll called "Goldie"). But the point about yesterday is that Maka gave me two things:

A lovely Christmas card (thank you, dear! I love you :D)

And my dreaming skirt from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright!!

I bought it about two weeks ago and now it's at home, yaw! I've been dreaming with this skirt for so long, you know? It's a Halloween theme, but looks so lovely...

I bought this lovely eyeshadows' palette, and the lollipop is a present from my friend Vane, thanks to you too! And looking so pink... it reminds me... I own you a game, Sher!!

A few days ago, lovely Sher tagged me in a very funny way. She choose a color, and I must look after things in that color at my bedroom. The color she choose was pink ... so here are some pink things around my bedroom!

My pink H&M boots, a little notepad with a lovely Miss Bunny, my mouse and my sleeping mask!

I don't have much pink in my decoration, but I've got some cute things in my wardrobe!

Now, I must choose a color and tagg some people... so I choose BLACK and I tagg:


It's your time, girls!

As today I'm feeling again like...

I want to talk you about one of my fashion muses... that belongs to the music world. Yes, I know I've talk about her before (and no, it's not Florence...). She's Alison Mosshart.

Isn't she beautiful?

I love Alison from the first moment I heard her voice. I had not seenher before, but the sound of ther voice through the speakers of my radio was great, and I was captivated from the start. Then I could see her in photos and video clips, and all of this just seemed to me an adjective to it: perfect.

Not only do I find her as a beautiful woman with a particular style of dress; but also I think she's very charismatic and gives a special touch of glamor to anything she touches.

Her voice is soft, yet has a hidden strength that only lets out a glimpse when the feline beast within her. She forms a perfect match with Jamie Hince, her companion of adventures in the wonderful project that is The Kills; has inspired Brian Molko of Placebo and she's currently engaged in a paralel project from The Kills along with Jack White, The Dead Weather.

I think the world of fashion, certainly, drinks flowing all around, creating a kind of reciprocal circle that inspires some and within which draws inspiration from others. Of course, any art theme is touched by fashion and music is no exception. Madonna, Lady Gaga, The Strokes, David Bowie ... We can think of a thousand examples of influential people in the world of fashion, and that both are inspired by it. But honestly, I think that there are two groups: one, with those stars who are led by the world of fashion and what designers say, coolhunters and stylists; and another for those that are the objective of coolhunters, inspiration for designers and the creative dream of every good stylist. Of course, not just in the world of celebrities, also in day to day and from the people around us, but perhaps it is in the glamorous world where this is most evident.

For me, Alison is within the second category. Her personal style, character, her aura of mystery, makes her a juicy prey for coolhunters (and therefore, for me) because she's not led by the canons in extreme fashion, making her a unique person...

So, dear Alison ...Never change!

And to you all, thanks for reading!
(and remember, I'm not here to please you)

Hoy os voy a hablar de una de mis musas (y no, no es Florence): Alison Mosshart.

Alison me enamoró desde el primer momento en el que escuché su voz. No la había visto antes, pero me daba igual... el sonido que emitía su voz a través de los altavoces de mi radio era maravilloso, y me cautivó desde el inicio. Luego pude verla en fotos y videoclips, y tan sólo se me antojó un adjetivo para ella: perfecta.
No sólo me resulta una mujer hermosa y con un particular estilo a la hora de vestir; sino que además creo que es muy carismática y le imprime un especial toque de glamour a cualquier cosa que toca.

Su voz es suave, pero a la vez posee una fuerza escondida que sólo deja entrever cuando deja escapar a la fiera felina que lleva dentro. Forma un equipo perfecto con Jaime Hince, su compañero de aventuras en ese maravilloso proyecto que es The Kills; ha inspirado a Brian Molko de Placebo actualmente está embarcada en un proyecto paralalelo a The Kills junto a Jack White; The Dead Weather.

Creo que el mundo de la moda, indudablemente, bebe de todo lo que fluye a su alrededor, creando una especie de círculo recíproco que inspira a unos y dentro del cual, recibe inspiración de otros. Por supuesto, cualquier temática artística se ve tocada por la moda, y la música no es una excepción. Madonna, Lady Gaga, The Strokes, David Bowie... podemos pensar en mil ejemplos de personas influyentes en el mundo de la moda, y que a la vez son inspirados por la misma. Pero sinceramente, yo considero que hay dos grupos: Uno, el de aquellas estrellas que se dejan llevar por el mundo de la moda y lo que dicen los diseñadores, coolhunters y estilistas; y otro, el de aquellas con personalidad propia que son objetivo de los coolhunters, inspiración para los diseñadores y el sueño creativo de todo buen estilista. Por supuesto, no sólo pasa en el mundo de los famosos; también en el día a día y entre las personas que nos rodean; pero tal vez es en el mundo del glamour donde ésto se hace más evidente.

Para mí, Alison está dentro de la segunda categoría. Su estilo personal, su carácter, su aura de misterio la convierten en una presa jugosa para los coolhunters (y por ende, para mí), ya que ella no se deja llevar en extremo por los cánones de la moda, convirtiéndola en un ser único...

Por eso, querida Alison... ¡nunca cambies!

Y a vosotros, gracias por leer!!

(All Alison's pictures are from weheartit)


  1. I LOVE ALISON!!!!!!!!
    And great red tights :)
    Dont know yet when I am exactly in berlin, will let you know :)

  2. Alison is so wonderful!!

    Love all your new things and so jealous that you get to see the Editors!!!

    Thank you for the tag!! I love black and have many things in bedroom in that shade!!!


  3. Pedazo de regalazo!!!he muerto con el antifaz para dormir XD
    La falda simplemente OMG!!! yo ando detrás del vestido desde hace mil, el print es que es una auntentica maravilla.


  5. Esa falda es un amor, tiene shirring?? es otra para mi lista jejeje. si que tendras buen finde, yo esta vez no saldré realmente, tengo muchos trabajos y examen para lunes mmmm buscaré fotos de tu musa, y tienes razón con las categorías, a mi personalmente me encanta mas aquella personalizada y que no solo se basa en lo "in" o puro comercializmo, pero ambas me gustan al final ejej..


    pd. XDD noo detesto la saga esa de crepusculo,, forever dracula jaaaja.


  6. Me encanta tu blog, tiene un diseño genial, y se ve que tienes estilo :)

  7. baby the stars shine bright!!!
    I loe ur skirt ^^
    ur hat is really cute and i love the pink boots (drools)

  8. wow, check those tights you're wearing. can i ask, how come you write in english when you are from spain, i guess it's easy for us to understand, but you don't prefer your mother tongue.. if it is?

    either way, check those pink things in your room, those boots?! Heaps rad! xx

  9. Alison is gorgeous.

    Hope you had fun at Sonia Rykiel's.

    Just love the retro illustrations on your skirt.

  10. hehe..i agree wit u when it comes to kate moss..she sumtimes look like a crap but then another time she is a freakin' fashion well after all she is a human, so i think its ok to look like a crap at certain time..u knw wht i mean ;)

    and oh yeah i love chloe sevigny and her one of a kind style..n i guess we share another thing in common tht is Alison..she is just a type of muse tht i will always look up to..her sense of style is dark but gorgeous..just brilliant! ;)

  11. no conoczco a alison, pero investigaré x youtube...

    podrías dejar videos, para los/as vagos/as como yo jajaja

  12. Nos vemos este domingo: Marilyn Manson VS Prodigy!!! (Vaya semanitas de coniertos llevamos en Barcelona). Ah, me encanta que la versión en castellano del post tenga fotos diferentes a la versión en inglés. Aunque parezca una chorrada, te lo tenía que decir ;-)

  13. Escucharé a Alison, seguro que merece muchísimo la pena tal y como la has descrito!
    Tengo ganas de verte un combinado bizarro con la falda de halloween, pontela para Viruss!

  14. No te sientas mal por haber expresado tu opinión. A mí realmente me hiciste reflexionar mucho y eso no todas las personas saben hacerlo. soy dura de roer ;) por cierto me ha encantado tu faldita, es preciosa^^ espero que tengas un puente agradable, yo stuve a punto de comprarme esas sombras tan neo de hym!!

  15. I'm adoring those pink boots of yours!! And yes, I love Alison too.

    Best wishes on your b-day! Hope you have a sweet weekend.



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