Sunday, December 13, 2009

Come with us now on a journey through time and space...

Me at Sagrada Familia the day of my birthday!

Saturday night, and I'm at home! I don't know why, but a state of misanthropy has invaded me this afternoon and I decided to stay home, doing nothing important and seeing some series.

Today I spent the day with Rocío, Esther, Laia and two friends of mine, Esther, a lovely girl I met long time ago at England (I was her team leader that summer) and Alejandro, one of my friends from Algeciras that is doing a master here at Barcelona (and who gave me today a comic book for my birthday, thank you! I love Alan Moore!). We ate at a japanese restaurant and the had a coffee.  After that, we went shopping; I was going to buy a new pair of boots (I really need them) but the sho was closed... anyway, I bought a lovely ribbon for my head.
Dress - vintage (I must fix it!)
Tights - Clazedonia
Shoes - Wonders second hand
Pizzicato 5 bag - Offbrand
Black ribbon necklace - Claire's

Since a few weeks ago, I'm making up myself (or at least, trying to) as Twiggy... little by little I'm getting better, but I would thank you some advices. I use always my Shiseido's feather eyeliner! Normally I don't draw all the lashes, but I think it's cute...

How was your saturday? :)

Sometimes, guys tell me that men's fashion is boring... but I must disagree with that. Any kind of fashion could be boring, it depends on YOU for doing it happy, funny and great.

I think that the best example of a funny male fashioner is Noel Fielding, from The Mighty Boosh or The IT Crowd.

Noel is a funny person, and he displays it in his clothing. Streght pants, cowboy hats, cool t-shirts, colorful coats, handbags and gorgeous shoes can be always seen in his coordiantes (with one of his great smiles, of course).

I LOVE that silver shoes... I guess is one of his favourites, because I've got lots of pictures with that shoes! And the polka dots pants too... they're gorgeous!


I really think he's got a great style, very brave and countercurrent... who said that men's clothes are boring? They must learn from Noel!

The Mighty Boosh

I hope you would have a lovely Sunday!!!


  1. Hey sweets,

    Adore your mustard colored tights and ribbon!! And I love your twiggy eye make up!! I really really wanna learn how to do that! What kind of eyeliner should I use?? Maybe you could do a tutorial:)


  2. OMG I knew your title was from the boosh when i saw it!! i love noel fielding, he's so damn cute! i love him in the boosh, season 2 is my fave. I'M OLD GREGGGGGGG hahah

    love the colour combo in your outfit, its so eye popping !!

  3. ahhhhhh y ese vestido? es gusta muchísimo...tiene un aire revival q me encanta...

    si nena...a veces las cosas más insignificantes nos crean señales importantes...

    besetes preciosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. wooo i love the yellow bow and the tights !!! and your eyes are BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!

  5. actually i don't eat the M&M's (i don't even like the peanuts ones) i just collect the fun limited edition items ;-)

  6. que guapa neni!!me encanta tu lacito :)
    1 besazo

  7. El lazo que te has comprado es una pasada! Me encanta como te queda. Y tus pestañas postizas tambien ! tu maquillaje es genial

    besos guapisima !
    yo tambien me he animado a hacer un blog XD

  8. Me he enamorado de tu lazo amarillo (L


  9. waa pues me parece muy chachi tu cumple y tus medias amarillentas me recuerdan a unas de la pupe que nunca se con que combinarselas!! XDD tu lazo es monisimo :3 y tu maquillage esta muy chuli *-*, yo me maquillo mucho pero siempre igual x3
    estas moniima como siempre :3
    un besazo guapa *-*! (L)

  10. Noel... que voy a decir, aún no he visto The IT crowd (he visto algunos minutillos pero nada en condiciones) y hace siglos que no veo The Mighty Boosh, pero bueno XDD

    Oh, que cucada de lazito XDD sinceramente, esas cosas me recuerdan a los emos que están plagando España XDD nada nada, no me hagas caso XDD

  11. q bonito tu sábado, amigos, comida japonesa y empaparse del ambiente navideño en barcelona.. yo tenía cosas q hacer y fue bastante aburrido, quizá el próximo.. jeje

  12. Joder, nena, siempre flipo con tus entradas y tus fotos *___* Aunque escribas mucho y muchos días, nunca se te queda la mente en blanco, ¡estás desbordante de imaginación!

  13. That little yellow bow is a perfect addition to your already lovely outfit! :)

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  14. Nice!! I love these yellow tights... You make me want to try some! So seventies! =)
    Kisses from Paris!

  15. I really like the first picture, amazing depth and colours and love your tights!!

  16. The boy and tights are so killer!

  17. I love the color and print of the dress with the mustard tights. Your eyemake up is great, love it.

    I a huge fan of the IT crowd ... he certainly has his own style, good on him.

    I love Flight of the Concords too, have you heard of that series?


  18. Great photos, You have amazing style xxxx Camilla

    Check out my fashion blog here:

  19. Niña se te va a resfriar el pepe con ese vestido tan corto xDD

    que no!! que estas guapisima de la uerte como siempre

  20. Love the tights!!! Y el vestido precioso...busca en mi blog; tienes una sorpresa...muas!

  21. Oh, vaya, ¿y eso qué es? ¿Un cacharrito de Shiseido para dibujarse pestañas o unas pestañas postizas normales? O.O Es que no lo aprecio bien XD

    Y me encanta tu lazo amarillo *__* (aunque el amarillo sea un color que a mí no me quede demasiado bien .__.)

  22. Me encanta la primera foto!
    Oye, pues te maquillas muy bien O.o (esque yo no me sé maquillar y tengo envidia a todas las que se hacen cosas chulas con maquillaje xD)
    Y el lazito es monísimo!!!

    (por cierto, he encontrado en el top shop unos zapatos super parecidos a los de mi hermana, que bien!)

  23. these are fantastically lovely photos!

  24. I lovee your bow, its so cute and matches your tights.

    I saw Noel Fielding once hahaha, he's very short.


  25. <3

    (para dejar constancia de que te he leido y revisado el blog :D)


  26. Hadn't seen your hair lately, Libe, welcome to the Red Side! ;)

  27. Ay dios, he intentado mil veces ahcer ese maquillaje en los ojos y 990 veces me he clavado los lápices en el blanco del ojo :S soy lo peor. Bien por tí que lo has logrado!

    Me encanta el lazo :) en Claire's los hay escoceses que son amor puro *_*


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