Monday, February 01, 2010


As I mentioned in the last entry, Laia and I discovered a lovely and wonderful brand at the Brandery Winter Edition 2010, and it's called Diksí (Di que sí in spanish, what means "Say Yes!")


At the moment, in their website, you can discover a collection full of lovely colors and magic, trying to give us back into the age of the innocence, recalling the bright colors of candies and the flavour of sugar in our tongues.

But this is not what we saw at The Brandery... what we had the pleasure to see there was their 2010-11 fall-winter collection... and I can only say about this... Oh la la! I took some pictures from the catalogue as I don't have a scanner... I've give them a funny old look and added some wood hearts I've got in my room :) You can see them bigger clicking on the picture!

Actually, this is my favourite look! I love that blue beret!
All pictures by Diksí.

I must said that I was fascinated when I saw the quality of the clothes at the stand... and the soft and romantic colors, so beautiful... it makes me wish that I really was in Paris, wearing those gorgeous clothes and berets, eating crêpes, macaroons and singing La vie en rose... I can't wait for next autumm!

And you can buy via internet, so girls... say yes! Di que sí!

PS: A last recomendation: this weekend I saw NY, I love you... if you want to see an original and romantic film, have a look at it! And I leave you with one of my favourite songs by Emilie Simon: Fleur de Saison. Have a nice monday!

Oh, and check Laia's blog for her review of this brand!!


  1. Lovely picture , so romantique!!And I love Emilie Simon!

  2. such beautiful pictures!

    anyway, I've recently started a blog (it's 3 weeks old) and would love it if you dropped by and checked it out. <3

  3. La primera sesión de fotos está hecha en el Monte Igueldo de San Sebastián ;-)

  4. Ohh wow! this is the brand of my dreams... The clothes are adorable, and I love the catalogue! Thanks for sharing this! Can I post something about Diksí in my blog too? :D

  5. que bonita la colección, la verdad que si se nota lo parisino ejeje!!!
    ay yo también amo a emilie, la conoci gracias a LIW y de mis cancines favoritas es Alicia, ahora esa está sonando en mi blog lolita ^^
    Espero pases buena semana y te me cuidas ok

    saluditos muah!

  6. Aunque a mi esa ropa no me pega mucho con mi estilo ( tengo estilo :s yo que sé) es preciosa!!!

  7. i lvoe the clothes too ^^
    I love how they are presented with the photos too :3

  8. La diseñadora es de Donostia si no me equivoco, yo conozco la marca desde hace tiempo y me encanta, en la tienda de los jovenes diseñadores vascos que hay en Bilbao tiene cosas monísimas.

  9. Oh thanks for sharing about this brand, Libs! They're all so adorable and pretty! I hope you get something from there soon so we can all be jealous:P


  10. aiii que mono todoooo! *O*
    jopee la capita rosa me mata ;O;!!! xD

  11. La hostia puta cómo ha cambiao todo por aquí.


    O lol, que queda más en consonancia.

  12. Haha, I can just copy/paste my comment on Laia's blog. :P

    Great find from both of you! Always inspiring to see new brands and what they do and what world they create!

  13. como ya puesto en el blog d laia: m encantan las fotooos!! *__*

  14. Waaahhh !!! FABULOUS ! I adore !

  15. tienen tienda física? esque me acabo de enamorar T__T!!! <3<3<3

  16. Cierto, para mí después de LaChapelle y Tapanila hay poco más... y sí, es genial lo que pasó anoche en los premios. Esta mañana estaba todo el mundo revolucionado. He "filtrado" mi post al equipo de promo de "Tres Días...", que aunque no lo admitirán en público porque queda feo, han suscrito todo lo dicho ;-)

  17. !!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for this post, I love love love those clothes & that lookbook is adorable. Must check this out more now, byyye. :D

  18. Wow, you were right, Libs. I adore these clothes.

    Lulu Letty

  19. Wow, this is great! Thanks for the introduction to the brand, I will definitely check them out ;) I love how their look book is so reminiscent of the scrapbooks I made when I was younger, so nostalgic and clever! I love that pink pleated shirt the best!! Lovely post ;)

  20. Ay no no! me quiero morir, que colección mas linda!
    Amo el vestido blanco y negro ^^
    y amo a Emilie Simon!


  21. Ohh que monaa (L) Muchisimas gracias!!! Tu comentario me hace mucha ilusion! me alegra el día, de veraaas :)
    Que original la ropa y las fotos!! La boina azul es monisima y la ultima foto me encanta! Ya me pasare yo a ver que más tienen..xD
    Por cierto yo tambien he visto hace poco NY I love you! Me pareció muy original!! Diferente, la verdad esque me gusto mucho! Hay muy pocas peliculas así :)
    Un besazo amoor(L)

  22. oooo the pink cape !!! want it !!

  23. oh wow :) loving each quote , each one is so significant , just makes me want to create a scrap book and place those quotes in and carry them with me everywhere I go :) that way wherever I end up I will always remeber the reasons to smile !


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