Saturday, February 27, 2010

Any minute now...

First of all, I would like to thank you all of you for your comments on my last entry! It was my first interview, so I'm glad you liked it! I'm thinking of doing some more interviews, so keep an eye on it!!

Today I spent the evening with Rocío around Barcelona center, taking pictures and having a fun time... but now I'm almost dead, and I should rest because tomorrow I'm going to a zombie walk! Yes, a zombie walk, but unfortunately I had no time for doing any costumes, so finally I'll go but only for taking pictures for my classes!

Anyway, this evening was very productive, I took some great pictures...

Ro at our favourite cafe... 
Ro taking a picture of our cakes!

A lovely place I discovered today aroun Raval's neiborghood... 

Love is in the air... (the air it's a fluorescent light).

Ro at Tallers.

Me with one of my favourite dresses! I bought it some time ago and it was long, but I just cut it and now looks so sixties! And my beloved boots from Berlin... yaw!
Dress - Vintage
Boots - Aces of London
Tights and scarf - H&M

So, have you got any special plans for the weekend?

Oh, by the way, I'm writting an article for an online magazine about Skins... I'm so happy! I'll tell you more about that very soon!


  1. Que bonitas tus fotos ^^ y eso de caminata de zombieS?? vaya acá no existe eso XD, me encantan, espero tomes buenisimas fotos.
    Te felicito por la entrevista, se me pasó comentartelo ejeje, es bonito ir poco a poco con esto de la exposición de pensamientos, yo también tube una cortita pero con relación al lolita.
    Por cierto ahora en esta cuenta agregue el blog de arte e inspiración, asi que esta es la nueva dirección:
    Para el finde tengo planeado ir a la Universidad, salir un rato en la noche, y el domingo una reunión con lolitas.

  2. Estoy super depre T__T quería ir a la Zombie Walk de Bcn, pero justo me ha tenido que pillar recién operada T__T

    Me siento sola y las paredes de mi cuarto empiezan a acosarme...xD

  3. wow, you're such a cutie! you remind me of my blogger friend maria. the red lipstick looks great on you, and i really like all of the outfits and the crystal-clear pics. great work!!

  4. i love ur headband u always ahs the cutest photos ^^

  5. en el proximo street style de mi blog!! sales tuuu! jajajaja prometido!! que bonita es barcelona!! a ver si algun dia m animo y t hago una visita ^^ un bsiiin

  6. m alegro d compartir estas cosas contigo <3

  7. claro que si, si en este jardín hacia yo campanas!!! este es el patio de la mejor escuela de arte de barcelona!la escola massana <3<3 cuando hacia sol, saliamos como largartos y no saltabamos las clases. Que tiempos aquellos...^^

  8. You take such wonderful photos, makes me want to go exploring!!


  9. Your dress is so cute! :D It looks wonderful on you! And that heart photo is making me smile!

  10. omg those cookies look so yummy !! congrats on the article !

  11. You are too cute in that first photo Libs. Love the print on your dress.

    Lulu Letty


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