Saturday, February 13, 2010

A single man by Tom Ford

Today I went to the cinema for seeing "A Single Man", a film by Tom Ford in where you can see Colin Firth playing George, a university teacher who suffers the suddely death of his partner.

I must say from the begining that I really enjoyed the film, except from the fifteen minutes of Jon Kortajarena... the most insulse and bad interpretation that I've ever seen on a film since long time ago. I mean, maybe it's because I am spanish, and seeing a spanish model trying to act like an american actor acting like an spanish... it's ridiculous.

Anyway, and apart from that, I really loved the film. I mean, the story it's simple and you may know the end since the begining, but the way that Tom Ford shows us the world of George is simply gorgeous for me. Every little detail is treated carefully, every look, each plane of camera... Julian Moore, in her play as Charley looks simply brilliant, showint the decadence of what a brilliant woman was (and that maybe could shine a little bit more): I really missed more interaction with her, but this film is based of a novel, so I should read it for more information. Anyway, I could not help seeing the scenes of Charley and George as the future, perhaps decadent, of my best friend and me (I hope not...!).

Nicholas Hoult plays Kenny, one of George's students, and he represents the curiosity of what is unknow. Without sayin anithing, you can see all what he wants reflected in his blue eyes. That little boy from "About a boy" or the teen from "Skins" is now a man, and I hope we could see him in more films, because I really believe that he can be one of the big ones.

Matthew Goode (the actor who played Ozymandias at "Watchmen") is Jim, a a character I fell in love since his first smile. The naturalness of his character has has made me see him as very real, both he and George could be sitting right now reading this and I would see it normal.

And finally, but not at least, I want to mentione the gorgeous work of all the team. The costumes were exquisite, beautiful photography and a melancholic music with us all day we live with George.

I recomend this film to all of you!

Among other things, today I had a lovely time with my friends Esther and Yaira (we met Laia and Kim later).


I was wearing my new zara boots, aren't they cool? The were 45'95 € but as they were on sales... they only costed me 9'99 €!
And i've bought some bumpist for my hair... how does it look! I should do a close view next time, sorry! But it looks so 50's-60's!
T-shirt abd belt - Offbrand
Cardigan - Stradivarius
Skirt - Putumayo
Shoes - Zara
Hairbow - Primark

Tomorrow I'm seeing Biffy Clyro on concert, yaw! Have a nice saturday!!


  1. oohh . . . I really wanna see this film , and I will admit I only skim-read this post (I was afraid there be a few spoilers for the movie ^_^) !

  2. próximo que vuelva a escribir "yaira" le muerdo un ojo!!!! xDDDD Yayra, ¡Yayra! xDDDDDD

    Me alegro de que la peli estuviera bien :D Muchas gracias por haberme convencido para quedarme a cenar :) Disfruto mucho en su compañía ^.^

  3. This is one of the rare films I'm really looking forward to, mostly because I love Tom Ford and think he's a genius so I cannot wait to see what he's come up with this time. /unashamed It looks so stunning, too.

  4. Tengo que ver esta pelívcula!!
    ¿Sabes qué?

    (intentaré llevar bombones~~)

    una beso!

  5. Eeeeee, I love your new boots, so lucky to have found them in the sale.

    Your hair looks so cute like that, you should do it more often.


  6. vaya chollo los botines... eso sí es una rebaja!! jeje
    el finde q viene me voy a Madrid, pero a ver si la semana siguiente nos ponemos de acuerdo y hacemos una quedada!! ;)

  7. Pese a algunas cosas que hacen que no sea perfecta (ya lo hemos hablado largo y tendido...), quizás es una de las películas con las mejores interpretaciones en lo que llevamos de año. A excepción del modelín español, que está interpretativamente a la altura del betún.

  8. Ame tus botines zara, los quiero! y los encontraste a muy buen precio.

    Tengo ganas de evr esta pelicula, espero que llegue a mi ciudad. Si es de Tom ford, tengo que verla.

    Gracias por tu comentario!

  9. What a wonderful summary Libs. I am so dying to see this movie!! My mom saw it and completely loved it!!

    I adore Nicholas!! He's a very gorgeous boy and talented actor.

    Lulu Letty


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