Thursday, February 04, 2010

This wasn't supossed to happened...!

Yes, because it was supossed that today I would write about our last day at Berlin, I know... but... it has been a long day!!

I wouke up early in the morning because I had to fix some papers in the center; after that, I walked a while, leaving my CV in some shops... yes, I'm looking for a job!
Later, I came home and saw the new season of Lost... Ohmylost!! And at 5 o'clock I was at Urgell because I had a an appointment with a guiding for searching a job... but suddely, my phone started to ring; it was my friend Vega, who said that in their Calire's shop they're looking for a girl... and they want me for an interview... so please, wish me luck for tomorrow!

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And now the most amazing thing: today, I helped to save a life. Yes. I was in the underground, and I found my friend María Baeta walking throught the red line. After chatting a little bit, we said bye and I keep my way... until I found a guy on the floor. He was a inmigrant, and seemed like he was not breathing... so I put him in the lateral position, checked if he was breathing (hopefully yes) and asked for help. Some passersby stopped and helped me then too ... and soon the ambulance arrived.

This makes me think about life, death and how we sometimes waste our time with stupid things. I mean, what if I can't buy a pair of Prada shoes? What if I can't get a Miu Miu dress? What if I'm on two extra kilos? We only live once, as the Strokes said... And we should enjoy life love ourselves; and smiling, particularly real smiling.

Today I feel happy because, after all my life, after all the good and the bad things; I'm alive...

So today, let me put philosophical... let me think about life...


So please, keep all this things in mind.

Wonderful video I found with one of my favourite songs and translated into spanish, for those spanish readers who never had listen to this song properly. 

Thanks for reading, tomorrow I'll try to do an outfit post, read all your comments (and answer them, of course) and talk about our last day at Berlin!


  1. great quotes! saludos a bcn :-)
    xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  2. This was a really wonderful post. All those quotes made me smile! :)

  3. Vaya que tremendo, no sabría que hacer, pero bueno lo que dices es muy cierto, en la vida hay mas; yo intento siempre dar gracias por lo que tengo y soy ;) me alegra que todo saliera bien y que hayas hecho ese gran labor

    saludos linda ^^

  4. Gracias por las frases, y por la canción; siempre me ha encantado. Yo llevo tiempo (casi un año, ya sabes) planteándome mucho mi vida, intentando hacer siempre lo que más me conviene. He dejado el trabajo, me consumía mucho tiempo y no podía hacer fotos, ya te contaré.
    Suerte con la entrevista, a ver si encontramos trabajo las dos (:

    Te quiero.

  5. Si es que los Strokes son muy sabios... Cierto es que cada día es un regalo. Abrir los ojos por la mañana, comprobar que aún sigues aquí y el sol ha salido... Es como el título de cierta peli de Jose Luis Cuerda: "Amanece, que no es Poco..."

  6. These quotes are so beautiful! ANd so right at the same time:)

    Good luck with the interview, darling:* I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you:)

  7. I loved reading that post and those quotes actually made me smile - especially the one about dreaming about flying lol
    cute blog x


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