Thursday, February 25, 2010

We're all living in a yellow submarine...


I love going out with my friends and have a good time just hanging around Barcelona. You can discover lots of beautiful places, and that happened today to me!

I know I was here before, at Plaza de Sant Josep de Oriol, but today there was something magic in here...

Maybe was my beautiful friends Rocío, Laia and Esther... and the wonderful dress that Laia bought at River Island (almost founded by me, hahaha!).
I was wearing my yellow and light pink new jersey from Sonia Rykiel pour H&M, and the skirt too... and my lovely shoes from Bimba & Lola!! Oh, I'm so in love with them, and it's so funny that Laia and I have the same!
I think that, finally, yellow suits me, hahaha!
So after just wlk around the city, my beautiful friends took me into the Caelum, a lovely cae where you can eat the most gorgeous cackes and brownies and cookies and muffins... I've ever seen!!


You know I love you, girls... right?
So, how was your wednesday? Any special plans for your weekend?


  1. Oh that outfit is absolutely lovely! I really like the yellow mixed with the hearts :D

  2. That looks like the perfect day out. And those sweets at the end:) I love your outfit. You do wear yellow well, and pink heart tights.

  3. yellow fits you indeed !!

    cant wait for the weekend !!! i need a break !

  4. Oye, vosotras pareceis las de Sex & The City total en BCN! Me gusta un montón tu foto de amarillo. Parece que el escaparate estuviera puesto ahí adrede. Genial lo que te compraste.

    B* a la Moda

  5. qe bonito el vestido de Laia !

    te qedan muy monas las meidas Sahakiel <3 por cierto, ese bar que conoceis ambientado en los 50 tipo americano, qe he visto en el post anterior creo, donde está? esqe a Pinkarol y a mi nos encantaria ir, es taaaaaan mono ! <3

  6. Haaaa you got the yellow skirt I would like to have, but as I've gone to see only thuesday in H&M, it was already finished, there was nothing =(
    The sweat is nice too!! Barcelona looks really beautiful, I will go to visit one day ^3^
    Kisses from Paris ;)

  7. I definitely think that yellow suits you the best! You're like a ray of sunshine, my dear! Sweet as always:P


  8. lovely pictures, barcelona is my favouritecity in the world

  9. Oh, I love your striped sweater with the heart tights. So fun!!

    Love how much you and Laia hang out together. I wished I lived there, too.

    Lulu Letty

  10. Dios, extraño barcelona.he ido 2 veces, y me he sentido en casa. Me enamore de ese lugar, lo ame mas que a madrid.
    Tu ropa amarilla es de lo mejor, te ves genial!


  11. Your recent posts have been giving me mad nostalgia for Barcelona. I will most likely go there next year.

  12. sonia rykiel! i absolutely loved that collection!


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