Thursday, February 04, 2010

Live aus Berlin: last day!

As I promised, here are the pictures of our last day at Berlin. We had breakfast at Frankfuter Tor, visited the Bang Band Club (finally we couldn't go by night *snif* ) went to The Museums' Island, ate at Alexanderplatz and finally, we went to the Desigual Party at night!

Be prepared for a bunch of pictures!
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Pergamon Altar!

Dinner at Desigual's party!

Albert in a very pastoral-chic look, haha!

Laia, with her lovely dress from Yesstyle!

Me with my vintage dress from the sixties and my new boots from Aces of London, all bought at Berlin.

 What a great trip!! I love you guys, thanks for these wonderful days!
And for you, a funny thing: at Mando Diao's web page there's a contest for the members of the fan club, we have to imagine what's Björn saying in this picture.... and here's my version of the story!!

Have fun this wednesday!


  1. Love these pics, you have a great style and your friends as well!

    I need your help badly!! Could you please vote for my outfit here:
    Click the link and and you can vote for me at the bottom of the page. Just enter your email address and the verification code! It just takes 2 seconds of your time and you can do me a big favor!!

    Thanks a million times!!!

  2. La cena se ve deliciosa.
    Se nota que lo disfrutaste. me alegro!

    Gracias por tu comentario!

  3. Beautiful pics of Berlin, my dear! So sad that it's the last one already! The city has such an old magical charm, I love it:)


  4. i love the photo of urself by urself and ur yellow tights ^^
    i love laia hair too :3

  5. great pics chica! berlin berlin ...yo voy el finde y luego a bcn yay! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  6. las fotoss son muy buenas!
    te sigo :)

  7. nothing wrong with a ton of great pics!

  8. Genial os lo habéis pasado! Estaba con ganas de ver alguna foto. ¿Laia y tú os conocéis de clase o algo así? Me gustan mucho tus looks. El amarillo limón es muy alegre.

    B* a la Moda

  9. ¡Qué penica da siempre el último día!

  10. Wow, looks like you had an absolutely fantastic time! Berlin looks so beautiful

  11. Me caso con la foto esta ultima xDDDD dios y silencio con Perdidos por favor!! He empezado la 5a temporada gracias a dios, no sé cuando podré seguir pero con un poco de suerte cumplo mi objetivo!

    Me ha encantado tu entrada de ayer, la mejor frase la de Oscar Wilde without doubt

  12. Great photo! It make me look forward to visit Europe! Your trip look so wonderful, I'm sure you had a blast!

    -Coco from Our Paper Moon

  13. i´ve tagged you! come and see it at CiTiEs of B! ;-)
    xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  14. Que maravilla de fotos, un saludo desde el Sur.



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