Sunday, February 07, 2010

All day and all the night...

Yesterday I went with my dearest Laia and Esther to our favourite Kaiten suhi... well, maybe is not the better one in Barcelona, but we love to go there and enjoy our meal! After that, we took some pictures of us in the Saint Ana Church, an small and lovely place in the heart of Barcelona.

Coat - Ben Sherman
Dress and boots - H&M

We took a little coffee and chatted about our things, and later, we finally went into Riera Baixa, just for have a walk into the vintage shops... I bought a lovely white dress, it's been in the Lullaby shop for months since I saw it the first time... so I guess that it was waiting for me, and now... it's mine!

Candies on a shop and my dress! It's lovely, and it looks like I'm going to play a tennis match!
At the end of the day, we discovered a burguer that looks so 50's style, and we decided that we would come back in a few weeks, but... 

Today, I went there for my dinner! I was with Micky and my friend Godino, just wanted to see "The Road"; but of course we had to eat before it... and I told them about this place, so... 

Here we are, Godino and me!
My dinner: chiken burguer and a vanilla milkshake!

It's so delicious!!
And I want to show you my outfit, just because my friend Rose made that dress for me... isn't it lovely?

Dress - Handmade
Tights, bandana and boots- H&M
Bag - Vintage

By the way, the film was awesome, but really really hard... anyway you should all see it!
What did you do on your saturday night?


  1. ¡Qué vestido más chulo!

    ¿Y cómo está la peli?

  2. que bonita esa iglesia ^^ y que rico se ve todoo, yummie!!!


  3. Aww, what a beauty your white dress is! I just bought myself a white dress over the weekend:P


  4. cute dresses ^^

    yummy food :3

  5. oo what a cool white dress !!! and i like the green tights !!

  6. It looks like you have spring in Barcelona - lucky you! I really like your outfit :)

  7. Me encanta el vestido de verdad *__*!!!
    (aunque lo que más me gusta de tus fotos es la tonalidad que les pones :3)~~

  8. Y ese bolso??? No te lo he visto nunca!!

    Me encanta como te queda el vestido (L) estás super adorable! Y que es esto de estrenar sitios sin nosotras!?!?!??!?!?!?! Muy mal! Yo me estoy reservando para el gran día xD dios Libe estube mirando peinados ya sé cuál me quiero hacer! Eva dice que se vestirá y se peinará a lo Amy Winehouse y tenemos que quedar todas antes para peinarnos por favor xD pq yo sé lo que me quiero hacer pero no sé cómo! XD (bueno me falta mirar tutoriales) y ay dios que emocionada estoy de verdad xD

  9. Me acaba de entrar hambre, jaja.

    Besos guapaaaaa!

  10. La peli tiene muy buena pinta, ya tengo ganicas de verla. Y sabes que soy superfan de tu nuevo vestido.

  11. gracias por poner mi botón, lo mismo haré!

    y bueno, la verdad es que no quiero actualizar para escribir sobre mis tristezas, aunque reconozco que a veces lo haría para desahogarme un poco...

  12. You look so lovely, that dress is a dream! :)

    ♥ Aya

  13. Love, love, love the dress! The print is sweet!


  14. i love your style - cheeseburger and milkshake always goes down a treat ;)


  15. oish, tan guapa como siempre :3!
    y el vestido es monisimo (L)

  16. me encantan las botas, tengo unas ganas de comprarme unas asi :)

  17. Aw you look so cute! Very nice dresses, and the tennis dress is just perfect! Hmm, I want a milkshake like that.

    My saterday was kind of boring because I had a hangover from friday when I went for drinks with some friends. I watched a couple of movies with my boyfriend and ate popcorn.

  18. Guapísiisisisisima!!! Me encata el vestido blanco!
    Mil besotes!

  19. Me encaaaanta el sushi!! en BCN seguro q hay un monton de sitios para ir a comer sushi q estan bien! me gusta tu vestido! un beso!

  20. THOSE BOOTS!!! this is such a cute outfit, but I'm in love with the boots!

  21. por favor que buena pinta tiene esa burger ! y el vestido tipo tenis es un amor <3


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