Sunday, February 28, 2010

'Cause this is Thriller...


So, it was midnight... and the streets... the streets were cold last night... 

The living deads are around us!!


But... there are cute zombies too... 

And cute zombies looks cute even dead or eating...

And at the end... we all dance in a cute zombie's party!

So yes, last night it was the Zombie Walk at Barcelona, and I must say that I had so much fun. I couldn't dressed myself as a zombie because I had a dinner before the walk, but all the people I saw was great!

So, I didn't do anything special on my saturday except this... what about you? I hope you all had so much fun!


  1. awww que bonito *__* acá eso no se da, pero que bien la pasaste!! yo en la tarde fui a inglés, luego donde unos familiares, y en la noche sali a beber ejejeje

  2. ay teneis remedio de auténticos a no poder más...

    Ufff se lo q dices de Londres...pero aún así no me termina de gustar...creo q las espectativas y la fama son demasiado altas...

    disfruta del finde...aquí estamos de puente...besetesssssss

  3. Que gusto da ver a estos zombies!
    Pues el sabado bien tranquilito el mio. :*

  4. Qué rapidez poniendo fotos!! *__* Me alegré mucho de verte! :3

  5. woooaa pretty scary lol !! well yesterday night was my house warming party, pretty cool too ;-)

  6. guau!!!estan curradisimos los disfraces!!

    1 besazo guapa

  7. Wow, this looks amazing and so much fun! Glad I didn't come across you last night though, I probably would have been very confused and slightly scared...


  8. Wow, your life is always so so interesting Libs! You guys really look like you came out of the Thriller set:)


  9. you always look to be having such fun!

  10. Wow, that seems like so much fun! Do a lot of people participate?

  11. no sabia que hacian zombie walks por aqi!
    el bombero zombie es una pasada, recien sacado de REC ! muy bueno :D

  12. El bombero es BRUTAL. Muy rollo REC!!! Las facciones angulosas son geniales para zombificarse.


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