Thursday, January 28, 2010

Live aus Berlin (part IV): Sun children... in the snow!

So here I am with more Berlin pictures! This belongs to our Monday, a day that we spent shopping and having fun around Prenzlauer Breg and the city center of Berlin. We had vintage shopping, ate a delicious burguer, went to Ben Sherman's store (where I bought some things, as my new grey and black coat), after that, we went to the Checkpoint Charlie and finally, we had dinner in a lovely restaurant with Stefano and my cousin Rocío... and of course, que made our photomaton pictures!

Laia in our way to Colors, a second hand shop
Me! I was wearing... 
Top - Second hand
Black cardigan - Mango
Skirt - Bershka (second hand)
Tights - H&M
Boots - Aces of London
Hairbow - Handmade with a Burberry lace


In this pictures you can see Albert, Laia, Javi and me!

I love them!!

Today I've been all day listening to The Vines, one of my favourite bands. I really enjoy listening to their music and Craig Nicholls' voice, wich I think is so soft some times and rude in other songs...


Craig suffers of a type of autism called Asperger's syndrome; these people show significant difficulties in social interaction, along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests; but they preservate their linguistic and cognitive development. I think that this is an interesting point, because in some of their songs, you can read between lines things about all this things and the isunderstanding that Craig was having before the treatment of this disorder.

I think that my fvourite songs are "A Girl I knew", "Winning Days" and "Get free"... I hope I could see them this year in live concert, as me and my friends are now planning our summer fest of this year!!

Did you went last year to any summer music festival? Do you recomend me any good festival with good music?

Oh, I almost forgot it! Thanks to MissKellie for this lovely award, I'll doing the rules tomorrow!!


  1. Beautiful photos! The photobooth ones are so fun ;) I also love your outfit post, your hair looks perfect with that outfit, so cute!

  2. que bonito cementerio :)y que rico sushiiiii!!
    mmm no soy loca de vines, pero me gusta el estilo de su guardaropa.


  3. such cool photoboth pictures !!

  4. ajaja trankila yo le llamaba carrefour los patos xDDDDDDDDD
    xro esk creo k tiene patos dibjados o algo x eso la confusion xDDD
    k fotos tan guais tia (L) !!

  5. i heart the photo booth pictures, there arent any good ones in the uk :p

    loving the pictures and ur shoes too ^^

  6. hablando de autismo, no ibas a escribir en el blog de Skins sobre JJ?

  7. You look so sweet and demure, Libs!

    And I love the photobooth pics too, you guys look like you're having way too much fun lol:P

  8. Love the photos, looks like you had so much fun in Berlin. Your hair is so cute.


  9. Edo tiene mono de sushi, Edo ve fotos con sushi, Edo triste porque va a pasar tiempo sin comer sushi. Si, a mi también me gusta The vines.

  10. buenas fotos, como siempre ;)

  11. Eee! These photos are all so fun. I love cemeteries!

  12. Adore the photo booth pics and I LOVE your black and white shoes Libs!

    Oh all that food has made me hungry.

    Lulu Letty

  13. you look gorgeous in your outfit!!! i don't know if i've said this before yet, but i really like your hair colour :D! and i'm jealous- it never snows in sydney =_=

  14. Oooh, those Starbucks cookies look so good! Are they the double chocolate chip ones? I had one of those once at my local Starbucks, it was delicious! :D

    Your welcome for the award, dear! Your blog deserved it, I love reading all of your posts! :)

  15. Me encantaron tus fotos, principalmente las cookies de starbucks XD
    Debería ponerme al día con The vines



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