Monday, January 04, 2010

A part of the weekend that never dies...

Hello everybody and thanks for your lovely comments on my last post! How many wonderful words, yaw! I'm glad that your NYE were lovely too!

Tomorrow here in Spain it's the night of the Magi. Here in Spain we don't share our Christmas' presents until the 6 of January, because it is suposse that on the night between the 5th and the 6th of January, three Magi from the East came into Belen, just for sharing their love and present with Jesus... so traditional here! The pity is that in almost all Spain is raining, so maybe the party for tomorrow would be a little bit wet!

Anyway, did you had fun last weekend? Mine was quite good; on saturday I had dinner with my cousin Rocio, who is at Berlin this year (and who I'll be visiting in a few days there!!); Rose, Jose, Godino, Alfonso, Paula, Manolo and Angie... we went to a italian restaurant just in front of my home, called "La Tentazione"... so delicious!!

Rose and Jose

Angie and Manolo

Godino and Rocío
Alfonso and Paula

We're a happy family!

Godino eating his saldad with bread sticks..

My pasta!Stuffed with pear and goat sheese sauce!

After dinner we went to E Trocadero, a very nice pub where we always drin Paulaner, our favourite beer!

And at 3:00 am we decided to go into La Vaguada, the rock pub from Algeciras, where we met Miguel Luis... he was at Berlin for NYE but now he's back, cool!
Rose with her Blanco's dress

Me with Rose's Stradivarius dress... I love it!!

Dress - Stradivarius
Tights - Calzedonia
Shoes - Offbrand
Totebag - Blanco (old)

It was quite funny because Jairo was all night saying that Rose and I looked as Velma and Daphne from the Scooby Doo series! I love this kind of dresses, I don't mind looking retro!! That's why today I bought a retro fabric for making a dress like the blue one!

And on Sunday I went to the mall just for buying my last Christmas' presents: a fragance for my grandma! I saw a very nice dress on a shop, but I think it was quite expensive for the kind of piece it was, so I didn't buy it...

And you? Are you buying a lot on sales? Here, sales will start the 7th of January!

By the way, I saw the Soulwax's documental Part of the weekend never dies, and now I want to party a lot! And on March, my beloved Florence and the Machine is coming to Barcelona... I can't wait for her!!

Are you going or have you been on a concert recently?


  1. Oh, happy new year! And thank you for reading our little blog! <3

  2. jajaja spero que los reyes se porte mejor que papa noel un bsito wpaa!

  3. ooo you looked lovely !!!

  4. yeah, in may i'm going to the festival siesta! in sweden, and in july i will see lars winnerbäck, a swedish singer :) i'm really looking forwards to it!

  5. Cute photos!
    And happy new year!
    X, fashionnerdic.

  6. Muchisimas gracias guapisima !
    Pues me encantaria que nos vieramos algo mas este año, seria genial :)

    Muchisimos besos <3

  7. I'm hoping to buy fabrics in the sales :p

    i love the Blanco's dress and your dress ^^

  8. Have a great holiday tomorrow, it sounds like so much fun! :)

    And I love those yellow tights! Yellow is sort of my favorite color at the moment! :D

  9. Good to know the usual no other countries! Visit my blog, there is a lot about Brazil!


  10. Oh, that's so cool that you people in Spain have your own Christmas present traditions! Makes it more special!!

    And darling, you're a doll like always!! Enjoy your coming concert, I have none to go!

    Love ya lots, Libs:)


  11. aii si se te ve muy retro! pero me encantaa *_*!
    que fotos tan chulas :3 un beso! ^3^!

  12. Jajaja pues sí que es cierto que parecíais las de Scooby Doo! A mí siempre me han dicho que me parezco a Velma, ahora no tanto, pero cuando tenía el pelo algo más larguito y lo llevaba de castaño-caoba-rubio oscuro (era un color raro jaja) siempre me lo decían... de hecho hice un post sobre eso al principio del blog:

    Pero tú estabas muy guapa con ese vestido azul, a mí también me encantan los vestidos así de corte retro, y ya tengo ganas de ver el que te hagas! Yo tengo una tela de flores y tenía ganas de hacerme el típico vestido sesentero con el cuello y los puños en blanco, a ver si me pongo un día!

    Y sí, la tortilla de patatas es lo mejor de este mundo, yo la tomaría a todas horas jeje Eso sí, siempre que esté hecha, ODIO la tortilla con el huevo crudo, o incluso si sólo tiene alguna parte menos hecha, me da asquito :/

    1 beso!!

  13. Happy new yearrrrrr!
    Great pics of you and your friends. :)

    I might be going to The XX on the 19th in Stockholm!

  14. Pues estoy en banca rota...xD
    encima ya he pedido la falda y un petti en Taobao (si, al final sera la roja!!!) y han salida las lucky packs de BTSSB que estan super bien de precio pero no tengo dinero T__________________T!!!!
    En fin, espero que te traigan muchas muchas coasas los reyes guapísima!!!

  15. Reina es que simplemente me encantas! Eres lo más!
    Mil besos y gracias por tus palabras!

  16. Hola gracias por visitar nuestro Blog!!

    Si a mi me encantan las rebajas de enero son irresitibles jejeje

    lindas fotos muy buen comienzoo de añoo



  17. Love all these fun photos.

    Love your dress and yellow tights!

    Lulu Letty

  18. Me encantan las fotos!!! Salimos geniales!!!
    Menos la que sales enseñando deççtu plato, qeu salgo de fondo en plan WTF??? XD

    Scooby girls forever!!! XDDDDDDD



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