Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Positive Tension

Maybe you don't know, but I'm really interested in grafitti art and how you paint it. Maybe next month I'm taking a course about it; I always wanted to learn how to do a great work and if I can afford it, it would be my oportunity!
When I was living at Granada, I ised to follow the works of El niño de las Pinturas, one of the big ones from Spain. I really love his work!

Today, Esther gave me this lovely pair of socks from Tutu Anna; she didn't use them so now they're mine! I don't know with wich clothes from my wardrobe they could match... and that's what I love most!!
They're light blue x pink polka dots, but in the picture looks like white.

Anyway, Laia, Esther and I spent the evening together (check Laia's journal for a very funny couple of pics more), and while we were taking a coffee, we painted some funny drawings... 
Laia and I made by Esther

Laia made by me.

Don't ask me why, but yes... this is Marilyn Manson wearing nice underwear, and you can see Esther crying, Laia reading a Vogue and me just making fun about it, so hilarious!

Esther, she was really cute!
And me with my pirate dress... oh, check my socks!

Dress - Criminal Damage
T-shirt - Oysho
Socks - Claire's (Alice in Wonderland's collection)
Boots - Aces of London

So tomorrow I'm making the expo at my class, finally! I'm so happy about it!

Have a nice Tuesday!


  1. Great looks!!!
    Does Esther have a blog? She should have one!
    Kisses from Paris! ;)

  2. There are courses in grafitti art? That sounds like so much fun! :D
    And you both look so adorable!


  3. Que guapas ^^
    los dibujitos estan graciosos, tipo animé style; espero puedas lograr ir a ese curso, nada como aprender algo nuevo ;)
    Saludos de fresa.

  4. amazing style!!! i love seeing you and your friends in these fashionable outfits! :D

  5. Impresionante esa casa con el grafiti. Queda muy chulo. Los caletines me parecen ideales. Tengo unos iguales pero el fonod gris es verde. Te puede quedar muy bien con tejodo vaqero, rojo... Bueno, ¡con lo bien que se te da a ti mezclar! Tu outfit muy cañero. Eres de lo más atrevida y eso me encanta. ;)

    B* a la Moda

  6. tu vestido es un amor

    y no sabía que quedabais en la cafeteria de Santa Ana ^^ esta taaan bien
    ... bueno, tuvieron una etapa pro musica latina pero creo que finalizó cuando la chica que despachaba se marchó/la echaron

    Hace mil años que no me paso ;___;

  7. pero qe mona tan marinerita Saha <3
    hay grafittis qe verdaderamente son una obra de arte

  8. k pasada de grafitty *-*!
    ooish estas tan guapa como siempre :3!

    El graffiti es impresionante, dios me encantaría aprender usar sprites.

    Un besico!

  10. Guapas!!!!!!!

    Me va a dar algo con la colección de Miu Miu, todos los blogs con fotos de eso y Eva mirando como conseguirme unos zapatos, me quiero morir de verdad

  11. OH, que bonita la primera foto <3

    Esther estaba muy guapa, y tú, y seguro que Laia xD

    Los dibujos rlz xDD


  12. You and your friends always have such wonderful outfits, I love it! The drawings are fab as well :)



  13. my god that first one is an impressive piece of art!

  14. That first pic is so unbelievably amazing.

    Love the back of your tights. So fun.

    Lulu Letty

  15. I read you are quite interesting in graffiti art, I am aswell. Everywhere I go lately I can´t stop taking photos of grafitti. Some are just real pieces of art!
    Love your blog!
    Take a look at some of my photos here http://madlooks.blogspot.com

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