Friday, March 26, 2010

Quick post: The hat's interrogance.

H everybody! How're you doing? Here in Spain now it's Easter, and I guess that in the rest of the world is quite the same... any interesting plans for you?
As I told you, I'm staying at my home at Algeciras for this Easter; and yesterday I had a lovely time at my friends' house. The point is that Zori showed me this hat, and she wanted to know some things about it...

How old could it be? is the name on one of the sides the name of the person who was the owner? I think that the other name is the brand...

So, everybody around here, do you know something about old hats? I'm searching for the story of this one...

Is this the name of the owner?
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Oh, and I also forgot to show you one of my last purchases for spring... a lovely black parasol!

I found this at Zara about a couple of weeks ago, and I think it's lovely for spring/summer! Here in spain is not very common seeing people with a parasol on the streets, but I don't mind...
Do you like umbrellas?


  1. I love the parasol, I always carry one. Here in Australia it isn't common either but the sun is so harsh! Hmm I wonder about the hat too, it wouldn't surprise me if that was the name of the owner! How cool!

  2. Oh, I love the cute lil hat! I hope you solve the mystery of the hat too:)

    And umbrellas are so romantic! Especially a lacy parasol! Yours is really adorable too!


  3. ya me he apuntado en la lista de deseos ese sombrero de oysho! jamás hubiera dicho q era de ahí.. ayer estuve en el de diagonal mar, pero claro, ahí ni rastro, jeje.. a ver si la semana q viene me acerco al centro!


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