Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Inpiration: Grace Coddington

Today I want to talk you about an amazing woman who served me constantly inspired and whose story really makes me think that we can achieve what we set if we fight for it.

I "met" Grace thanks to her works from Vogue. I've been collecting this magazine since I was a teen, and I met her work around, maybe, 1997. As I don't have here my magazines, I can't say wich editorial I saw first, but I started to look her work with a different light.
So when I began to really appreciate her work, I wanted to know more about her, and became fascinated by her history.

Grace was born on the island of Anglesey (Wales, 1941). She became interested in fashion during her teens and was always trying to get some Vogue magazine, although in her village was three months late. At 17, someone sent photos of herself to a contest of the aforementioned magazine, and she won the Junior category, thus becoming Vogue model.

With 28 years began working as a Junior Editor for BRITISH Vogue, and in 1988 moved to USA to work with Anna Wintour as Creative Director for U.S. Vogue.

So, why I love this woman?

First of all, I don't admire her for being a model, or the Creative Director for U.S. Vogue, or for working with the great Anna. I admire her because, like me, she was in a little village, apart from the world. Like me, she had a dream, and qith a little bit of luck, she started to make it come true. I admire her because she' one of the best professionals that I've ever seen; every editorial she makes stoles my heart and everytime I rad/listen to this story of the life, I gained confidence and strength to continue fighting for my dream.

Some of her editorials for Vogue U.S. 

I hope some day to shake her hand and say that from all my muses, she has always been the most inspired me.


  1. I'm absolutely in love with her - loved her work for years and after seeing the September Issue, love her as a person too!


  2. She's so great, thanks for posting! I just stumbled on your blog, and really love it. I'm following now!

  3. Y es realmente admirable. Este tipo de gente siempre suelen ser hijos de- o enchufados a jopo. Ciertamente estas son las cosas que dan a uno ánimos para seguir adelante hacia los sueños que creemos inalcanzables aún sabiendo que están ahí :)

  4. Oh me gustan mucho tus artículos

    te sigo ^^

    Y aqui tienes a otra VOGUE entusiasta, incluso tengo Vogue Niños guardados de cuando era más pequeña xD Vaya frikis

    Un saludo :)

  5. m encanta esta mujer!!! <3

  6. Jo, pues no conocía a esta mujer, qué mal :/
    Tendré que ponerme al día y buscar más muestras de su trabajo, porque las fotos de editoriales que has puesto me han encantado. De todas formas yo no suelo comprar la Vogue... no sé, a veces me encanta pero otras no me gusta mucho, demasiado anuncio y demasiada ropa inalcanzable, y a veces los editoriales sí, muy artísticos pero demasiado conceptuales para mi gusto y casi no se ven ni las prendas. Aunque otras veces hay cada editorial que compensa por los otros que no me gustaron

    Y sí, hay que introducir el rosa en nuestras vidas! A mí es un color que siempre me encantó, y lo bueno es que tanto puede ser dulce como rockero si le metes negro jeje

    1 beso!

  7. guapa!!soun geniales estas editoriales de vogue :)

    1 besazo guapa


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