Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pinku Jisatsu and the Pinku grrrrl!!

So, today I want to share with you some beautiful pictures that Ro made last friday in the VK Festival, where Pinku Jisatsu were playing... with me and Cris as performancers!

Esther with Cris and me!
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The festival was really funny and I saw some people that I haven't see in a long time, it was goot to see them again!

We dance during all the show the para paras from the band; we gave candies... it was really great; the band loved what we did and so the public did too!

So, everybody had a great night, and that's the important thing! It was the last live show for Pinku Jisatsu, but now they've got a new band called Kaiser and we'll see them on April!

By the way, I wrote a little new about this in a digital magazine, you can read it here (in spanish, sorry!).

All pictures by Rocío Ponce.

And I want to mentioned this again: yesterday, after thinking about this... I made my own so you can ask me whatever you want? You can fin it in the sidebar or simply ask me something in the form below!

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  1. wow that looked awesome!!

  2. se ve muy entretenido!
    me encanta tu falda.
    Ellos que tocan?, visual key o J-rock?

  3. wow, seriously awesome photographs! i enjoy seeing people dressing outrageously, esp. a la japanese rockers. love the combination of black and pink. very... mysterious. reminds me of the gothic lolita. great!!

  4. Se ve super colorido ahi :), ni idea de la banda ajaja, no soy tanto de VK, pero me alegro que se divirtieran.
    Aja toda una celebridad, mm veré que te pregunto ejeje

  5. waa pero k monas!! jajaj estais adorabless *______*!

  6. Wow, amazing photos! Love your outfits, you are always so colourful and unique!


  7. OH wow, it looks like quite the performance, sweetie! You look every bit the J-rocker!!

    I love the Pinku Jisatsu and the Pinku grrrrl!!!!!!


  8. Cada vez que veo a Eric así flipo. Aun recuerdo cuando me dijeron que era el cantante de los pinku y al día siguiente le fuí a clase y le dije, " anda si eres uno de los chichatsu esos " XDDD

  9. Wow, what an event! Though I must say, the most impressive part for me was you were all wearing.

  10. Just loved it!!!

    Espero que todo fuera bien y eso!!! Ya me contarás cuando bajes y quedemos, miss u!!!


  11. babe, sweden is too cold, too dark, too unfriendly and miserable to live in! Believe me, I lived there for 20 years! spain on the other hand, aaah love it love it love it!!


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