Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm obsessed with the mess...

From time to time, fashion bloggers make some stupid posts about silly things. This is one of those posts...!

I guess that all of you have got an obsession: bows, dresses, sunglasses... my obsession are socks. I can buy pairs and pairs of different socks without thinking of how many pairs I've got right now.

 My last pair of socks, an adorable Emily Temple Cute pair I bought yesterday... 
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And yesterday night, I was talking with a friend about this... et voilá! I though it would be funny see how many cute socks I have; so I've made photos of (almost) all my cute socks, except some of them that are at my home at Algeciras... I must say that I've got like 15 more pairs (or maybe 20, I don't know) apart from what I'm showing you here, but they're not so cute at all... so... let's start! Click in the pictures to enlarge!

From left to right: Tutu Anna socks (a present from Esther!), Topshop and Claire's... overknee!
Ankle socks from Claire's, H&M and Calzedonia. 
Pink section: Secret Shop socks, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Oysho, with little hearts (I love them!)
White with cute things: with flowers from Calzedonia, with black roses and crosses from Moi-Même-Moitié, with a panda from Putumayo and with rabbits and hearts, from Chocomint. 
Black stripes with ramdom colors: dark pink (a present from Laia); light pink and blue (Claire's), purple (Calzedonia) and orange (Claire's too). 
Stripes with cute things: skulls and crowns (Alice and the Pirates), french cards (Claire's) and ribbons and candies (Leg Avenue). 
Black cute ones: with a rose jail and with the Alice and the Pirates logo (both from that brand), ballerina socks (Bodyline), with the white rabbit (The Macmillan Alice) and with an skull (Putumayo). 
More black, all from Calzedonia!
Black and white, with musical notes (offbrand bought at Camden Town, London) and small squares from Bodyline. 
I call these my "Harry Potter's socks"; I don't remember where I bought them but they're so Griffindor and Slytherin!
More short socks: the red ones are from Oysho and I think that the other ones are from Topshop... I can't remember, so many socks!!
My yellow overknee socks with stars, offbrand. 
Ant the other adquisition from yesterday, an adoraple pair of anklesocks from Calzedonia. 

So you, what's your obsession?


  1. OMG tia que mareo con tanto calcetin xDDDDD (L)

  2. Wow cuanto calcetin bonito!!!! ♥♥

    Tenemos la misma funda de edredon!! XD

  3. Tenes una linda obsesión XD
    Mi obsesión son los prendedores cuanto más raro o vintage, mejor!

  4. *___* que envidiaaaa ajajaja tienes bonitas calcetas, y si son buen complemento, pero acá solo tenemos algunas tiendas como zara, berhska y no he visto diseños asi! tengo que usar ebay o EGL


  5. omg i love socks too !! im so jealous !! i can't find any cool once here !!!!

  6. wow- quite the collection

    and regarding your comment, just e-mail me ( i'd love to x

  7. jajaj te entiendo XD
    mi novio ya me regaña cada vez k m compro un par de calcetines xDDD
    creo que tengo la fiebre del calcetin o.o xD

  8. tengo la mismita funda nórdica.. jaja
    viva IKEA!

  9. uoh cuantos!
    yo ultimamente me he moderado, pero tambien tengo bastantes xD

  10. Pues compartimos obsesión entonces.. xDDDD
    Ahora me inspiraste a mostrar los mios.., ya lo haré cuando vuelva con mas.. muajajajaja!!! Y es que a parte ahora tengo algunos guardados en la maleta.. xP

    Los de Harry Potter aqui los venden en el Merkal Calzados.. ;D

  11. Omygosh. You must be the queen of awesome socks.

  12. Yo colecciono cuadernos. Me encantan, da igual que sean bonitos o no. Los tengo de todas clases, grandes, pequeños, en blanco, a rayas, a cuadrados...
    Pero si te refieres a ropa, entonces debe ser camisetas de colores fosforitossss y tal. I (l) the boy's section of Pull & Bear XDD

  13. Dios mío que barbaridad de calcetines xD Yo tengo la mitad que tú y nunca sé elegir cual ponerme, si tuviese tantos me volvería loca xD Los de leopardo son la polla!!! xD

  14. mi obsesión son las falditas de vuelo! tengo mil... sobre todo de flores :)

    muchas gracias, intentaré disfrutar a tope el viaje y hacer muchas fotitos para luego enseñaros!


  15. Shoes and tights.
    Nice blog!
    I'll come back.

  16. Linda colección!, me encantan los de rayas (creo que tengo también un montón!), y con todos esos detalles tan monos!
    Creo que mi obsesión son las rayas, y el blanco y negro.
    Un saludo!

  17. jajaj silly things are cool too! buen finde!!! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  18. Wow, that is a LOT of socks! Lots of lovely ones though. Can't decide what my silly obsession is - either leggings or scarves? Maybe both?!


  19. La leche o.ó xDDD
    Jo, me encantan, los quiero, ¿puedo robártelos? :3


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