Monday, March 15, 2010

My Sunday in pictures (1 photo per hour)

So, since we came back from Berlin, we've been looking for a moment like this just for making a brunch day... and today was the day!! Good weather, good company and delicious food! Laia made the most great pancakes I've ever eat! By the way, she's making a similar post like this (but every half an hour), so check her blog!!

13'00 pm: we met Laia near her house for our Sunday brunch!
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14'00: Ready to prepare our brunch.
15'00: brunch ready!!
16'00: Esther dying after our brunch...
 17'00: Coffee time...
18'00: On my way to the Japan Weekend.
 19'00: Lolitas on the rocks!!
20'00: Lovely girls in lovely kimonos...
21'00: on my way back home...
22'00: Carrot soup for dinner...
23'00: Some good music, blogging and talking with friends... 

How's been your weekend? I'll make for you Florence's report tomorrow!


  1. I love these photo a hour posts!!

    Looks like a perfect Sunday, Libs.


    Lulu Letty

  2. Espero que no te importe que te robe nuestra foto y la de los kimonos (L)(L)(L) es que mira que estuve con esas japos montón de rato, pero nunca llevaba la cámara encima T__T xD

  3. oh qe pena sahakiel! no nos vimos en la japan weekend -____- yo estube con carol(kawaii factory) el sabado

    un besito <3

  4. I love both your aprons, so cute!!

    And Japan weekend sounds awesome, yes you totally should go to Japan one day! I think you will fit right in:)

    Love this post, Libs!!


  5. Que adorables preparando el brunch!! me encanta el delantal de cerecitas :3

  6. what a fun post !!!! and those aprons are sooooooo cute !

  7. me han encantado lso zapatos rojos d tu amiga!! como stas baby!!??? un bsitooo


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