Friday, March 12, 2010

Interview: Elin Jönsson (Elinkan), the sweetest perfection.

All of you know that I simply adore Elin. I've been following her for about two years and thanks to her, I'm in love with her country just a little bit more with every entry, making me wish that the time for moving into Sweden (one of my dreams) arrives soon. I'm in love with dreams, and she makes me dream more and more everytime I visit her blog. I'm in love with her lovely smile, the one that makes me smile too.

Elin shows us the simple and lovely things of life, adorning her post with beautiful pictures that normally makes her look like a lovely fairy, and the world around her looks like an enchanted dream.

I had the pleasure of ask Elin some questions about her, so we can all know her a little bit better, and she has responded me in that magic way that she do things ... so ...

Who's Elin?

Q: So, first of all, could you please tell us who you are and a brief description of you?
A: My name is Elin, and I live in a tiny apartment with my boyfriend in Ystad, Sweden. I like pretty dresses, Alice in Wonderland and photographing.

Q: What do you do? What do you like to dedicate? 
A: Well, I try to blog as much as I can, and I also work as an insurance salesman.

Q: Can you talk a little about your interests? 
A: As I mentioned I like to photograph a lot, and because I'm an amateur photographer I'm always trying to learn new tecniques, and new ways to use my camera. Also, I like to go shopping, especially at vintage shops and big flea markets!

 Q: Tell us a book, an album and a movie without which you could not live. 
A:  For a book,  Alice in Wonderland. That book just makes my imagination go crazy, and if I could choose the whole world would be a bit more magical, you know, with talking rabbits and weird laughing cats. For an album; I must say "The Life Pursuit" by Belle and Sebastian, because I can listen to the songs on and on, and they always make me feel calm and happy. I would describe the feeling like sitting below a giant rainbow with soft sunshine in your face. And a movie... I have so many to choose from in this category, since there's lots of movies I like, but a couple of my favourites are The Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, Wall-E, My Neighbor Totoro, Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain...

 Elin walking into Wonderland...

Q: Oh yes, I love almots all those movies too!... so... Would you share with us a memory that makes you smile?
A: Of course! There was one time, about six months ago, when Joakim and I helped two of our friends move into their apartment. When you enter the building there's this wooden door with a big window in the centre, and when I ran towards it to open it and get into the building I tripped on something and fell right into the glass door. I was quite chocked by the whole thing, and fortunately the door didn't broke, but they said that I looked like a cat jumping into a window and just sliding down towards the ground.

Q: And any favorite quote?
A: More is more.

Q: Now a little bit about fashion... At what age did your get interested in the fashion world? 
A: Maybe when I was 16 or something.

Q: Could you explain us a bit what has been the evolution of your image? 
A: I just wear what I like, and that of course depends on weather, what mood I'm in or maybe what I feel inspired by.

Q: How would you describe your actual style? 
A: Fun and playful.

 Q: What inspire you in choosing your clothes? Do you follow a pattern to match your clothes or just choose randomly? 
A: I have some favourite combinations, but I try to vary them.

Q:  Where do you usually get your clothes? Do you customize or sew any garment to you? 
A: I mostly get them at H&M, Topshop and from vintage shops. Sometimes I make my own dresses and skirts, and sometimes I just remake old clothes.

Q: Have you got any special obsession (like shoes, bows, skirts...)? 
A: I really like lipstick. A great lipstick can make a whole ouftit wonderful.

Q: And now about blogging... When and why did you decide to start writing a blog? 
A: I think it was in my second year of high school. I did it because I wanted to inspire others like they inspire me!

Q: That's really beautiful... What do you want to express with your blog? Do you think it adds anything to the people who read it? 
A: I want to inspire, and I want my blog to be a blog that I would like to read.

Q: What do you feel when someone says you are his/her inspiration? What would you say to those people?
A: I'm just grateful that they feel that way, it's feels good to make people feel inspired, because I love the feeling of it myself.

Q: Tell us a tip for your readers... 
A: In life, just do what you think feels right, but never forget to have fun!

I think that's a very good tip for everything in our lifes... Thank you so much Elin! I hope you'd keep inspiring us for a long time... well, you always inspire me!!

All pictures are taken from Elin's Flickr. 

Did you enjoy the interview? Who'd you like to read an interview here? I accept suggestions!


  1. That was wonderful. I love the images on her blog and always find them so inspiring, its nice to find out more about her. Thanks!

  2. What a great thing to read. I always love her photo's so much.

  3. alaaaaaaaaa qué remona es!! y que piernas tiene la condenada. Me voy a una esquinita a llorar :_

  4. muchas gracias :)

    qué genial esta chica!


  5. Great interview, dear! I adore Elin, she's such an inspiration!

  6. Great interview, Libs! She's one of my favourite inspirations! Such a cutie!!

    Next, maybe Sandra from Niotillfem:)


  7. Perfect photographs and charming model :)

  8. alguna vez habías hablado ya de ella,no?? para no tener ni idea de periodismo as echo uan entrevista genial!!! la verdad sk me recuerdas mucho a ella! un bsito señoritaaa

  9. Ella es super linda, me encanta su carita *__* y si que tiene bonita ropa!! felicidades saha por andar de entrevistadora ejeje

  10. how great !! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Elin's blog

  11. Supongo que disfrute mas por Algeciras porque es tranquilo y encima estaba con mi chico xD La verdad esque si me gusta mucho, tengo ganas de volver ^^ Mika es amor!Yo la conoci en persona cuando fui y pasamos una tarde curiosa y divertida^^ Seguramente me vaya a pasar el verano a Algeciras asi que si te pasas en verano igual coincidimos y todo ^.^

  12. Me gustó mucho la entrevista. Elin contesta de forma muy simple pero con muchísimo encanto. Me encató saber por qué comenzó su blog, y darme cuenta que yo lo hice con el mío por las mismas razones.
    Es alguien realmente inspirador. Me encanta tanto su sentido de la moda como sus fotografías en sí y todo el encanto que lleva ella misma....

    Gracias por compartir esto! Un beso!

  13. Qué mona y qué original. Lo de más es más me ha gustado porque nunca lo había escuchado. ¿Qué tal andas?

    B* a la Moda

  14. Que interesante!!
    Ella es una monada, me encanta su look!! Una buena entrevista!

    Un besote y nos vemos el martes!

  15. Great interview! I am awaiting my questions :P

  16. Oh, gosh I adore Elin!! She is so truly lovely.

    Excellent interview Libs.

    Lulu Letty

  17. I also follow Elin's blog, and it's absolutely a pleasure to read your interview. It's actually exactly the question I would have loved to ask her.
    THANKS *^_^*

    kisses from Paris


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