Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My actual favourite piece of my wardrobe...

Your favorite piece of all your wardrobe. You can only chose one and then you'll have to make an entry about it in your blog or feature it in one of your next outfits. :D by feelikeadoll

Ok, I'll do it XD

I guess my favourite piece at the moment it's my green 60s dress from Berlin; what a great thing!!

So, I found this question today on my formspring.me, from Laia; and it's perfect because I wanted to show you the pictures from our friday night... so...

Esther and Jess at the restaurant where we had dinner. it was a terrible Chinese restaurant, but we had a funny time. At the end of the night, I said to Esther: "I've been in lots of chinese restaurants, but this was the most terrible that I've ever seen. Thank you, my friend" and we all clapped our hands... hilarious. 
Laia and Rocio, I think this pictures is quite cute!!
Micky and me!
Laia's look of the day, really lovely!
My Sonia Rykiel's shoes and vintage bag... I was so vintage that day!
And my actual favourite dress, the 60s vintage that I bought at Berlin!
Dress - Vintage
Tights and headband - H&M
Shoes - Sonia Rykiel vintage
Bag - Vintage

Sorry for the lack of posts; I'm a little bit busy this days... and oh, I know I've got too many lovely comments around here, thank you so much! As always, I'll visit your blogs really soon... I always do, you know!!


  1. Ayyy ese vestido es genial!

    no sabia que tenias formspring, yo tambien tengo uno pero todavia no lo presente en sociedad XD


  2. q guay tia! claro, si la hacéis me apunto seguro.. q me encanta el curry! jaja
    Yo estoy empezando a hacerlo ahora, pero creo q es muuuy mejorable! así aprendo si tú eres una experta.. ;)
    q gracia lo del chino, yo odio los restaurantes chinos excepto un par q conozco q son muy buenos, no el típico chino.. uno fui una vez q me invitaron, está en balmes pero por encima de diagonal, el plato estrella es bogavante y te lo pescan delante de las narices, jaja
    y para beber moët, no te digo más.. se nota q no pagaba yo! el otro chino q me gusta es el de tragaluz, q está por ramblas.. me invitaron tb hace poco y me gustó mucho!
    ah, es donde os comenté lo del helado frito.. y el pollo al curry allí estaba riquíiiisimo! todos los demás chinos los odio, fritanga pura, y soy más de sushi además.. :P

  3. That dress is beauuutiful, no wonder it's your favourite!



  4. ¡Que mona te veo coñe! Tienes que estar petandolo en Barcelona jajajaja!


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