Thursday, March 25, 2010

10:15 Saturday Night

Ahoy, everybody!!

I've been travelling all day, but finally, I'm here! Where? you should ask yourself... well, as Easter is coming, I've come to my house at Algeciras and spent all day with my mom and family... 3  months without seeing them, that's a long time for me!

Anyway, last Saturday I had a little meeting with some friends from the Skins' forum. I met Nordin (on the right) and Crazy (on the left); and saw again my beloved Vic (on the back, he looks a little bit like a zombie here, haha! Love you, dear!).

We had a lovely time, taking coffee and chocolate milkshakes; hanging around Barcelona and talking a lot. And after this, I met Micky and we went to Danu's birthday party. We had dinner in a Chinese restaurant and later, we went into a pub with metal music.

Sorry for the lack of post these past days, I've been so busy again... and with the trip, more work! After Easter, I'm moving, so I'll have a new hose that I'll show you, of course!

Tomorrow I want to show you some pictures I made in my last coolhunting class... but I want to show you only one:
Gorgeous Andy!!

Have you got plans for this Easter?


  1. Congrats for the award! You look fabulous! funny pics


  2. Creo que lo que más me gusta de internet (o al menos una de las cosas) es que te da la oportunidad de conocer a otras personas con gustos o personalidades afines a ti, y que enriquecen mucho tu vida e incluso a veces te hacen ver las cosas de otra forma. Y ya cuando los puedes conocer en persona es genial!
    Y a mí las fotos mortuorias victorianas también me fascinan, es una fascinación morbosa extraña... pero siempre he sido un poco macabra, qué le voy a hacer... en esa época seguro que nadie pensaba que estaba loca jaja

    Yo en semana santa no haré nada... bueno, sí, hacer de ama de casa y cuidar de mi abuela, que mis padres se vuelven a ir de vacaciones y me dejan a mí aquí con "la otra"... ay, qué buena hija soy jaja

    1 beso!

  3. Hola, supongo que he llegado aqui de blog en blog. Decirte que ese cuadro es una genialidad :)


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