Thursday, July 30, 2009

Useless things (quick and stupid post)

Nowadays there's plenty of social networks around the net. Some of them are fun like Facebook (for me Facebook is fun) but others are just silly... and I'm an addict to them! Like Twitter! I made an account recently and I didn't use it for two months.. and now, I'm using it a lot...

I leave you here all my "useless accounts": twitter, Facebook, Pouppegirl... add me if you want!

(And now, Libertad's useless things!)

* Facebook: Libertad Sahakiel

This, with my two blogs (here and the Metrobblogen one) are the things I use more... I'm leaving the links in my link's box...

By the way (and looking to Modepass), my friend Fernan told me about two more fashion communities that I must join... and as you can see, today I'm not so busy at work :)

I'll post later about my Japanese lunch on Tuesday! And as Laia reminds me, I must post my new Mando Diao's t-shirt too, yaw!!


  1. you're so lucky, there's hardly any vintage shops near where i live and no vintage markets either! and why are you so envious of the rain?? it's does get quite annoying tbh! and is it really hot where you live? <3

  2. wow that is really hot, i would hate it if it was as hot as that here! i feel so sorry for you! here in england it's probably about 20ºC !! and yeah you should it would be really good to see how they look like :)

  3. Oh, I guess I've got some accounts on sites that I don't really use. I wanted to set an account on twitter or facebook, but that would make me waste even more time surfing the internet;) I've also got Modepass, but there is something about it that makes me not you it too much:P

  4. hahaha siii camiseta de Mando Diao!!

    Yo me hice Twitter hace poco, pero es que casi nadie que conozco lo usa xD el Modepass la verdad es que no acabo de entenderlo, pero ahí está. Lo que uso basntante también (aparte del Facebook y el Lookbook) es el Chictopia, pero me tiene un poco aburrida, está lleno de gente poco original

    por cierto ví que habías ido a ver Brüno, dios no sabes las ganas que tengo de verla xD y ya que estoy, prové el Cosmopolitan en Paris! Me encantó, decidí que a partir de ahora me alimentaría a base de macarons del Ladurée y de cosmopolitans, ojalá

  5. Adding you on Facebook and possible tiwtter right now!


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