Wednesday, February 27, 2013

They did it again: The Last 3 Lines

They did it again. The lights were dim, casting around the room ghosts, ghosts who congregated around the cover of an album, 'Leafless'. The FNAC Triangle gathered a group of devotees who were waiting impatiently for, once again, the show began.

They did it again. Armed only with his acoustic sound and in front of a small crowd, The Last 3 Lines demonstrated once again that they can either make us tremble at the Sant Jordi Club or small Heliogàbal. And, when a band can do good music, no matter if they make large venues or small rooms, what matters is the ability to touch our most sensitive soul.

They did it again. With a clean sound (despite Dani, guitar and vocals, was suffering some flu) and leaving us all speechless and wanting more; humming Lonely Parade, Sleepwalker, Growing Stones, Women and Children First or the well known Fish Tank . The beautiful voice of Xavi was invading your brain, more and more, leaving you on that point of reality in which you realize that you do not want that song to end. Marc, sometimes helped by Sergi when he blew the guitar, put the light percussion and effects appropriate to transport us to that dream world that is shown on the cover of Leafless, while Raul kept time with his bass, concentrated, and Dani was marked memorable guitar riffs and hit the floor with a small tambourine. Nothing canned or large assemblies effects. The Last 3 Lines don't need any of that to show the greatness of their sound and grow in our subconscious the question of why more bands are not able to cope well nude (musically speaking) before an audience.

My love for the band The Last 3 Lines began many years ago, but throughout their career does nothing but grow and grow, and yetwonder why the great festivals from our country don't have them on their headlines, since the quality of their sound sometimes exceeds the one of many other groups I've seen in festivals like Bilbao BBK, SOS 4.8 or Primavera Sound.
Perhaps it is precisely because of that sound quality is so good that those who doesn't not anything about them never imagine that The Last 3 Lines are among us and belong to this country, creating jewels as their debut album You are a deep forest or Crows EP. Perhaps no one can imagine that these six kids (five in their acoustic version) are able to create a sound so magical and real at the same time that transport you to places like Oniria, the place where they were and bring us back their album Visions from Oniria and after this, in this gift called Leafless.

Well, for all of you I have a message: get up. The Last 3 Lines are here, and they deserve everything and more.

 All photos by Libertad G. <3

En El Nerdo me han publicado este artículo sobre The Last 3 Lines. podéis leerlo en español aquí

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