Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Noise

New Noise is one of the most famous songs by Refused, a Swedish hardcore band who's back in scene this year! And one of my favourites, I must say.

But I used that song not only for named this post or talk about the band. There's a second purpose about it: the March to Athens, Ocupy Vatican, the World Wide demonstration of next May... the 15M movement continues, and I guess lots of people thinks that we're dead as there are not so many actions these days. But wait. Spring would come, and we're coming back with Spring ;)

Anyway, I went to the cinema last 6 of January for a special sessions of Gremlims and Ghostbusters. I dressed as a lolipunk that day:

At the begining, the films were a surprise, but we all were guessing that would be these two. We really had a lovely time!

Btw, a girl named Bella asked me about writting a post talking about places around Barcelona for a weekend... so I'm prepairing it! Hope it would be useful!


  1. Me encanta la camiseta de los Goonies, es de mis favoritas :3 tengo la película, pero me hace falta una asi.

    Me gusta tu cabello, va muy bien con el conjunto

  2. Ay, Libe, que envidia tu pelo!!! hace años que quiero teñirlo de rojo y ya decidí que no pra que nos e me arruine mas de lo que lo tengo, pero eso no quiere decir que deje de querer tenerlo asi! <3333

    Y soy muy fan de la camiseta de los Goonies! :D


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