Friday, October 02, 2009

Granada: Day I

Hello everyone!

I've returned from my trip to Granada. Few days have been filled with many nice things, and I could enjoy the company of many friends whom I do not know when I'll see again. The truth is that there have been times sad to say goodbye, but I am more hopeful with my impending move ... and a little nervous, what I am going to cheat you!

I returned on Wednesday night, and today I spent the day doing nothing, enjoying a little vacation is supposed to have between my move and find another job.

Incidentally, I almost found a flat in Barcelona, very near the Nou Camp ... How exciting!

I arrived on Friday night to Granada, and there was no respite: after a day of work, my dear friend Jairo wa waiting for me to go partying with Maria and Electra. We stayed at the Playmobil club and the Tornado's club. After the bars, we went home, because the next day I had a left of Lolitas, whose pictures will show you tomorrow!

Electra and Jairo

Me with María and Electra

With Monago, the owner of the Tornado's club (making funny faces, of course)

Electra with my lipstick!

Me at the Playmobil club.

T-shirt: Zara (modificated)
Skirt: Bershka
Socks: Claire's
Shoes: Mustang
Necklace: from a pet's shop XD

I want to thank all you read me and leave me comments, I must now catch up with your blogs! But patience, you know that I always do!

One last thing; on Wednesday night I saw the movie 500 Days of Summer and I recommend it to everyone, is the best film that talks about love I've ever seen ... although I could really identify with the role of Summer ... Is that good or bad?

Have a nice day and thanks for reading!!


  1. Guapaaa!!! me encanta el rojo en vos jeejeje!! espero ver las otras fotitos ;)
    suerte en tu busqueda de trabajo


  2. Estoy con princess el rojo te queda precioso!!! *-* aiiins k guapa sales hija!! *www*
    K bien te lo pasas! tus fotos son geniales ! (L)
    besitos guapa =3!

  3. Me encanta tu conjunto "inglés" te queda divino!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ahins, Granada, patria querida jajaja

  4. Ya te he dicho por tend lo bien que llevas la Union Jack! Aquí añado que tus amigas son divinas :D Me encantan sus vestido y peinados, son muy yo, también ;)

    Por cierto...ya sin esperanzas de encontrarlas, encontré las gafas rojas de topos del Claire's...en la etiqueta ponía (por fin) 4 euros. Voy a pagarlas a caja tan campante...¡y me cobran 2! Estaban al 50% del precio marcado. Total, ma´s contenta que unas castañuelas con mis gafillas xD

  5. Tía, qué estilazo tienes, dios mío...cada foto tuya me enloquece más <3

    Tú deja que te pille por Bcn...wahahaha

  6. That looks like so much fun! Fab photos:))

  7. oh!!!maldicion!!quiero tu camiseta de la bandera inglesa y no la encuentro en mi talla. ahora te odio de la envidia hahahah, es broma :)
    1 besazo

  8. Me encanta el ultimo conjunto que llevas *___* soy super fan de tus medias!

  9. I'm glad you're back!! I've missed your posts. Looks like an awesome night out. You all look gorgeous.

    Ha, I could identify a bit with Summer, but more with poor Tom.

  10. yeah your totally fabulous, i cant get over it!!!! lots of kisses


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