Friday, September 25, 2009

Trip to Granada & Friday inspiration: Sachi & Yuka(Kokusyoku Sumire)

Hello everybody!!

I'm going to Granada this weekend, and I'll be back on tuesday/wenesday, so I won't not be updating until that day, but I promise I'll answer the comments of this entry and the entry before... and everything!! I'll take lots of pictures! :D

Today I feel a little weird. I mean, it's my last day of work at my office, and I feel like something is ending and something new begins... but well, I'll think about it quitely when I come back next week!

Yesterday I was listening to the japan lolita duo Kokusyoku Sumire. I love Sachi & Yuka, they're so lovely and funny. You can visit Sachi's blog here, and yuka's blog here.



Aren't them cute?

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Ahins... Granada, la tierra de mis padres!!!!! Es como la sangre que corre por mis venas!
    Me hubiera gustado ir a granada en mis vacaciones, pero... no ha podido ser >.<
    Sachi me parece una muñequita

  2. I hope you have a wonderful time in Granada!!!

    Changes are always a bit scary, but also exciting!!!

    How is it that Japanese girls are always so cute?

    I added you to my link list!!


  3. Me encanta la primera foto de Sachi (L) lleva un vestido precioso!

    Que te lo pases bien en Granada! :)

  4. Hola te gusta accesorios para el cabello? Visita mi blogstore! besos

  5. Que te vaya bonitooo!!! y bueno es el fin del comienzo ;) suerte.
    aay si ellas son amor, en su myspace subieron un video donde hablan en ingles jojojo tan adorables!!!


  6. gd luck ^^

    I'm kinda excited for ur new beginning too ^^ love the photos :D

  7. Hope you enjoy Granada!!

    Dont you wish we all looked cute like them?!

  8. Hope you have an amazing time in Granada , best of luck from us!! these girls are just the cutest :D!

  9. such nice photos.
    trip to granda? it's a really nice place! i'm from spain you know? but from Barcelona, also a good place to visit. I recommend you it. hope you have a wonderful time and you do lots of pics!!!
    me entiendes en español? :S

  10. aisssss que bonita granada por Dios!!! :) me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! jajaja:)
    el último día siempre es dificil, pero ya verás como lo que viene es mejor:)
    besines guapa!!!

  11. Espero que lo pases genial en Granada, y es normal que te sientas así una nueva etapa en tu vida :) me sentí más o menos igual cuando me mudé xDDD

  12. Hope you're having a great time there!
    I know what you feel when it comes to changes, I've got the same thing here;)
    Oh and thanks so much for you support and comments dear!:**

    P.S. Finally I can use internet at home;))


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