Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Spirit of 69 fashion

The skin movement, specially the skingirls one, is a part of my fashion inspiration; I've been wearing the chelsea haircut during all the summer (but now it's long, and I really don't know what to do with my hair... any idea?).

Anyway, everyone who knows me knows I am no political, and I really don't mind about skins' politics ideas and things like that; the only way I feel about it it's with the "Spirit of 69", you know, all the non-political movement (and actually, I'm more punk than skin, that's a fact that everybody knows too).

Chelsea or skingirls style has always fascinated me; I love the Doc Martens' boots, the Shermans, the colored or simply the white braces... I find it elegant and rude at the same time. remember that the skin movement motion arises from Mod movement; at the very beginning they were called "Rude Boys" because of their attitude and their elegance and savage at once.

Well, when I was at BCN last month, I buy this pair of boots at H&M:

I don't have enough money for buying the original Doc Martens (by the moment), so I bought this lovely imitation in pink colour, because I always wanted the original Doc martens in pink. I've got some friends who are skins (from the Spirit of 69) and told me that I was crazy and I should buy them in cherry red or black... but what the hell, they're my boots! So now I've got them in pink.

The fact is that I've always wanted to mix the Lolita and Chelsea Style, and now I'm gonna make it almost properly. I found this lovely coordination at the Putumayo's page this morning:

And I think that, with a jacket and without the necklace, it would be almost perfect. I've got very similar clothes at my wardrobe, so I guess that I'll try this weekend.

Anyway, this is what I'm wearing today at work, a small tribute to the movement...

Shirt - Springfield Man
T-shirt - Bershka
Shorts - Zara
Leggings - Zara
Boots - H&M
Hairband - H&M
Belt - offbrand

Have a nice day!


  1. Que estilazo!!! yo honestamente no capto mucho de los skins,, siempre que oía esa palabra ´me sonaba a neo-nazis, supongo que estoy mal, porque como siempre todo comienza "bonito" y luego entran personas a matar el verdadero significado, asi que ojala un día me expliques mejor ese pensamiento que te atrae ;)
    Esas botas son hermosas, yo también quería unas DR. Marteen, pero jueee 100 euros, ni he comprado botas lolitas ajajaj (espero este año) y entocnes no hace daño imitación, no te hace menos skin jijijiji


  2. OOOO I lOVEEEE your style
    i seriously am obsessed with lolita fashion
    though i could never pull it off
    but you have just the right amount of lolita and modern
    great pictures!

  3. Me encantan las botas rosas, yo tb me las compré! y creo que cada una le puede dar un estilo diferente, me encantan!!
    Pasa x mi blog!

  4. Spirit of the 69, pff pasaron tantas cosas ese año!!

    La verdad es que yo no sabía mucho acerca de los skins hasta que hice el trabajo de recerca y tuve que tocar el tema, me sorprenció muchísimo que hubiera derivado del mod! Aún así no es algo que me entusiasme xD

  5. son geniales tus botas! me encantan! *_*
    me gusta mucho el look skin, tengo muchas amigas que lo son y a veces flipo lo guai que queda *_*
    pobre tu pinky que no tiene fotos ;__; quizas seria amiga de mi natsumi (L) X3
    un besi :3

  6. por cierto, lo de Leia es por el parecido de nuestro nombre (eso desde que era pequeña) y el peinado (ultimamente) xD y lo de Hermione se remonta a 5º de Primaria xD

  7. Ur style is daring! i like that!

    One Love,

  8. Oh! Yo me rodeo de ellos cuando voy a los conciertos de Tokyo Ska, aunque este año no pude ir :(, y bien que me lo paso!
    Hay muchas mozas a las que le sientan muy bien, y tus homenajes tambien guapa!

    PD: fan de tus leggins *_*


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