Monday, September 07, 2009

Saturday night.

My bohemian night was quite funny, but on the other hand... mosquitoes feasted at the expense of my blood, I have bites all over my body! However, that did not stop out on Saturday night with friends to dinner and dancing for a while.

Dress - Hell bunny
Cardigan - Blanco Socks - claire's Pumps - Offbrand Bag - Blanco accesories Ribbon - Handmade by me!

First, I had dinner with Rose, Jose, Miguel and Rubén; and then I went to "El cairo" with María and Jairo.

After that, we went to "On", a place where the lights are changing colors during the night.

Yesterday was a quite day; I was at home all the evening reading and chatting with friends.

And today I hope I'll go out, because... yes! It's raining! And I love walking in the rain! Fall is almost here, yaw! Anyway, if the plan does not work, I bought a sailor style patch and perhaps I'll sew it this afternoon to a cardigan.

By the way, I saw this wonderful skirt today:

The new Metamorphose's collection is so "Back to school"!

And one thing more: as you can see, now I've got a LookBook too; here's the adress:
So if you have an account, I'd love if youlet me know, so I could become a fan!

Have a nice monday!


  1. wa tia k guapa!! *-* me encanta to look! estas guapisma !! *---------------*
    ains es k como kieres k no te tire piropos! si estás preciosa *--*

    aiins adoro tus calcetines ;O; ace mil k busco unos así! XD m muero OwO

  2. pero es que no había piscina de bolas!!! xDDD

    ese vestido (L)(L) me encanta!! y el sitio este On parece super cool!

  3. si se me murió pero si no ha revivido ya le queda poco xD sino si le das con el botón de la derecha y copiar el link de la imagen te sale :)

    pues que gracia que sean tan majos los dueños del local este y bien hecho con lo del calvo! (xD)

    y me alegro de que te guste el look! es casi todo de compras londinenses jajaja

    por cierto, a lo mejor te mandan un mail o algo, a mi me han dicho que recibiría uno proximamente con todo lo que tengo que saber así que a ver....

  4. ^_^ que sexyyy!! te luce mucho el vestido!! las medias rayas las veo raras ejeje, pero es un conjunto interesante!!!
    Acá el otoño no existe, a pesar de estar en Hemisferio Norte, me gustaría vivirlo bien!! acá puro calor casi todo el año ajajaaja!!
    Esa falda esta hermosa O_O no la había visto aun.


    pd. iré a ver esa pagina que mencionas

  5. waa that dress looks so good on u
    i love ur outfit the socks are very cute ^ ^

  6. Nena, no estas guapa, estas REEEEEE guapa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me encanta tu vestido *.*!!!!

    Por cierto, que esto del lookbook ¿?¿?¿ Es que no estoy en la onda XDDDD

  7. hi sahakiel!! the outfit is so cool!!! i wish i could be daring like you! you always have amazing outfits! i just checked out metamorphose, i love everything. i can't afford anything!! hahaha i will have to live vicariously through you and your outfits :) i would be your biggest fan on lookbook if i had an account!


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