Saturday, September 05, 2009

Some kind of bohemian night...?

Hi there to you all! Are you enjoying your weekend? I hope so!

Yesterday Morning I went to work, as always, and nothing interesting happened there except that in the early morning, at home, I found some beautiful high-heeled boots that I have for some time and hardly used... so I decided to start using them!

T shirt - Zara (I've cut the neck!)
Skirt - Bershka (very old! But I love it!)
Socks - claire's
Boots - Blanco
Navy Brooche - La virgen de los broches
Pins on the skirt - Offbrand

Then, at night, I went to dinner with my dear Jairo and later picked up Mary in his house for a try of bohemian trip to the beach ... although from the photos, and you can see that was anything but bohemian!

We had a lovely night!

And this is what I was wearing:

Mad Sin's t shirt - Bought at Sziget
Skirt - Sexy Dynamite London
Leggings - Zara
Boots - Mustang
Head scarf - Offbrand

And today I went to my grandparents' house for lunch with them again tonight with my people go ... What we expect today?

Hello Kitty pink leopard t shirt - H&M (it's from a pajama!)
Broken grey jeans - Zara
Cute cherry pink socks - Oysho
Black platforms - Offbrand (I cannot live without them!)
Sex pistol's bag - Fnac
Pink leopard hairclick - H&M (a present from María!)

One thing more: I want to share with you this lovely video I've see today at MTV!

Have a nice saturday night!


  1. que rico se ve lo que toman jejeje!!! el segundo conjunto es el que mas me mola :) amor total.
    me alegro que pasaras bien estos dos días ;)

  2. El segundo conjunto sin duda el mejor! :) Aunque el último también es lo mas!

    Pinta genial esa noche en la playa, a ver si mis amigos se animan o algo y dejan de ser unos sosos!!

  3. u hve such nice clothes ^^
    I love looking at them on ur blog ^^

  4. you look ridicously pretty and ridicously french. therefore that means i like you
    and i want to be friends with you :D
    ill linkk you bubbyyyy, of course i will, as soon as i get another 15 mins of comp time.
    ill do it asap.

  5. waa k guapa vas siempee! me encanta como cobinas la ropa *-*!!
    estas guapisima siempree !! *wwww*

  6. i love your style and really enjoy what you bring to fashion blogging...

  7. thankyou for your sweet comment! =)
    i love that first outfit-- with the socks !! you rock that colour!
    looks like you had a super time with your friends!

  8. i like the shirt the way you've cut off the collar!

    i really like the outfit with you and your friends!! have you always been interested in lolita fashion???


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