Sunday, September 13, 2009

I had a present.

Hi everybody!

How are you going this weekend? Mine is still fairly tranquil, including house cleaning and make some crafts.

I did not mention the other day, but on Thursday I received a gift. All summer I have been treating an adolescent guy with behavioral problems, and Thursday was our last session. When finished, he and his mother gave me this beautiful box with a pretty necklace. I must say I was pretty excited, I did not expect!

The truth is that it was a nice touch!

Indeed, on Thursday night I had a flash of lighting and I modified an old denim skirt that I wore. It was long and somewhat boring, so I cut, I put a few pins, I made a bow and wrote in French, "Lila Says", the name of a movie that I like. This was the result:

T-shirt - Zara
Skirt - Greencoast modified
Red tighs - Calzedonia
Socks - Oysho
Pumps - Mustang
Hairbow - claire's
Belt - Offbrand

And at Friday night we were in the cinema watching the latest film by Isabel Coixet, "Map of the Sounds of Tokyo". The film itself is beautiful, and makes a spectacular sound processing, you can listen to the actors chew.

Then we went to have a few pints of beer at the brewery "El Cairo".

And of course, I had a small picture on the carousel of cinema.

Punk Lolita rocks!
Tiger Army T-shirt - Bought at Sziget
Skirt - Putumayo
Tighs - Calzedonia
Cardigan - Blanco
Shoes - Tao Bao
Scarf (on my head) - Vintage

I hope that your weekend is still fun!


  1. that was so sweet of him the neck lace is very pretty and so is the packaging.

    I love both of the outfits but the punk lolita is my favourite ^^

  2. So thoughtful of him and his mother to buy that gift for you. The box is adorable and the necklace is perfect.

    I love how you modified your mini skirt!!

  3. ai que guapa la primera me encanta tu convinacion de las medias con los calcetines cortos *_* tengo k probar eso *w* estas guapisima :3!!
    y la segunda es que estas hecha una princesita del punk! *-----*
    yo tbn fui a ver mapa de los sonidos de tokyo ace un par de semanas, y a nadie le gustó TwT xD a mi un poco, xD comparado con los demás que dijeron k era un bodrio x_X
    un beso guapa :3 sige pasandolo bien y vistiendote tan guapa *_*!

  4. What a nice present....but also the packaging rocks!!!

    I like your style very much is really diferent!!!!


  5. I love pics in carousels! :)

    oye! el paquetito donde venía el collar es una monada! que majos:)

    y eso de las medias con los calcetines tb me ha gustado a mí!

    gracias por tu comment guapa!


  6. me gusta tu look loli punk *__* bien bonita!!!
    Ni idea de esa película XDD.. de que trata??

    Ay que detalleee,, muy bonito ese collar, a ver con que lo combinas


  7. Tengo tantas pelis por ver en cine.. pero es que me da pereza ir solo u_U

  8. Por cierto que no te lo dije, ultimamente nosé que les pasa a los blogs de la gente que siempre hay fotos que no veo, y en tu caso no veo nada de lo que te has comprado nuevo! XDD

    la verdad es que estoy muy orgullosa de la foto esa xD mis padres me trajeron un lienzo de la Campbell Soup el otro día y enseguida super que debía hacer xDD

  9. okay wowww love this last look. have you seen this blog? she worked in japan in fashion for a few months, and her style reminds me of yours a lot because it has a lot of japanese/lolita influences as well :)


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