Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Sometimes, the best thing you can do is smile.

As we say in Spain: "Put on a brave face to the bad weather". Literally.

Perhaps you all may ask about it: well, I'm going to explain.
Long ago I stopped talking in this blog about my personal life, but today I will break that rule a little.

Here in the office where I work is happening a little bad rash, associated with the City Council, which oversees the financing; but they're not paying us for twon months right now.
But everyday and for the strangeness of my office mates, I dressed up and smiling in a happy mood, trying to overcome the previous day.

Why? The answer is what I left up there.
If I let this affect me, I'll end depressed and not wanting to get out of bed (yes, the situation is quite serious, I assure you), but I refuse to surrender; to continue to have the will to fight, every day I just got myself a smile at the mirror and try to boot a smile of my mates with my dress.

Although it may seem ridiculous, mysteriously, I'm getting the desired effect, and now even they are arranged each day a little more.

Maybe that's why I work to teach you both how I'm dressed lately, that you may prove for yourselves that we should never refuse a smile.

Black old jumper - Zara
Black shirt - Blanco
Boots - H&M
Lovely bag - Shirley Temple
Socks - Calzedonia
Old pink beret - New Yorker

Thank you for reading this little piece of me.

By the way, do you like cheese? I love it, and last night I had dinner with these delicious cheese raspberry jam, as I was finishing reading "A fest of crows", the fourth book of George R.R. Martin's "A song of fire and ice" saga.

This morning I just started to read "Millenium 1: Men who hate women", from Stieg Larsoon... looks good!

Have a nice day!


  1. Cuanto losiento, pero la vida siempre da golpes y sin ellos no crecemos!! asi que sigue con tu bonita sonrisa e increibles conjuntos!! expresa siempreee lo mejor ;)
    Por cierto tengo ganas de leer ese autor, todos hablan maravillas y amo la fantasía ficción... ay también el quesooo mmm rico rico


  2. 'Put on a brave face..."
    What a good thing! Thanks!

  3. Me encanta porqué con el mal día que he tenido parece como que todas os habéis puesto deacuerdo para animarme, entre tu entrada y la de Lulu Letty (L) tienes toda la razón, pero es como que llevo ya tanto tiempo intentando tomarmelo bien que ya creo que no puedo seguir adelante, además cada vez que salgo con toda la buena voluntad y felicidad pasa algo que me echa la moral por el suelo, ays ya te estoy soltando el rollo

    el conjunto me parece lo más adorable del mundo, ya te lo he dicho en el Lookbook y jope, con lo que me gusta el pastel de queso, me acaba de entrar un mono terrible y ya están cerradas las pastelerias....

  4. ai , me he enamorado de ti *-*!
    siempre vas tan moooooooona ;O; vamos yo te veo por la calle y te rapto! ò0ó
    aiii quesito ricoo aodro el pastel de queso *-*! y todos los pasteles del mundo xDDD

    un besazo :3

  5. i hope things get better and im alittle like tht (not talking about personal things)

    and i think its great ur staying positive ^^

    great outfit and cheese yummy ^^

  6. The power of a smile is amazing. The same goes with laughter.

    I truly hope things get better for you and that you remain hopeful and positive.

    Thinking of you.

  7. Graciaaaas *_*

    Acá no vienen esos libros, puedes creerlo? apenas han comenzado a traer los del maestro Terry prattchet XD, quizás en inter encuentre.

    Por cierto yo quiero abrir un lookbook, pero dice que solo por invitación. buuu

  8. it's the pink shoes again!!! me gusta mucho zapatos rosados!


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