Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick post: Julie Andrews

One of my favourite actress is Julie Andrews... Don't you think she's gorgeous? I simply love her since I was a child... I've been a very big fan of Mary Poppins (I've got a lovely pair of boots that are similar to the ones she was using at that film); and I really love her play in Victor/Victoria... and, of course, I know all the songs of The Sound of Music... and love Torn Curtain... and the funny Thoroughly Modern Millie...

But if there is one quality that I love her, is how she danced with Gene Kelly!

Aren't they simply gorgeous?

And a little inspiration from other times ... Lately I miss a time that never lived ...

By the way, I'm searching desperately a pair of t-strap shoes... I'm in totally love with them!! I've found a pair of Vera Wang's shoes and I'm thinking about buying them... But they're sandals, and I want them close...

Any ideas?

Have a nice day!


  1. 17 is nice! Almost to the end of the month (:

    I love those t straps with the ruffles. I always see heels I want to buy, but feel like I don't have anywhere to wear them.

  2. Me parece una mujer super guapa!!!!!!!!! y muy elegante ^^
    Me encantan los zapatos *0*

  3. me encantan los sombreros que llevaba, sobre todo el de mary popins :)
    1 besazo

  4. Me ha encantado que le dedicaras el post a Mary Poppins xD (hablando claro)

    y las fotos (L) me encantan! Y a ver si hay suerte con los t-strap, a lo mejor encuentras algunos en el sitio menos esperado....

    por cierto no necesito nada inglés! bueno si me trajeras a un inglesito mono aunque la verdad, preferiría ir yo a pasar unos días a allí arriba xDD

  5. Me encantan los zapatitos ^^

    Y Julie siempre siempre en Victor o Victoria

  6. Ay yo también vi mary poppins, y sound of music es de mis favoritaas! solo que en ese entonces no había captado que era la misma XDD una gran mujer, elegancia, belleza, y una voz que aun mantiene!! divinaa :)
    mmm yo he visto unos zapatos asi y me enamoré, en una tienda donde llevna varias marcas XD, creo que allá ni esta esa, ojala encuentres

  7. Tienes un premio esperándote en mi blog :D http://letmefeelikeadoll.blogspot.com/2009/09/smile-award.html

  8. Tuu! Si quieres las pedimos y que se las manden a mi hermana a NY! Viene el Noviembre y las podría traer :)

  9. I like Julie Andrews, but I love Gene Kelly! Thanks for posting the videos!

  10. gorgeous!
    julie is so lovely
    and i agree, those shoes are super sweet!

  11. this is the little spoon of sugar makes the medicine goes on... lalala !

    it my be wrong words, i know it much better in French, 'c'est le morceau de sucre qui aide la médecine à couler, lalala...' !!

  12. Julie Andrews is so very beautiful with the voice of an angel!!

    The old fashion photos are stunning. I've always felt I was born in the wrong era.


  13. http://www.stevemadden.com/item.aspx?id=49724&path=|womens%20shoes|womens%20pre-order|

    these are sort of similar, but its little flowers instead of ruffles :)

    and i love your pictures too!



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