Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday's inspiration: Hannah Murray & Kaya Scodelario.

It's quite fun, because as Laia posted yesterday about Lula Magazine, I was looking for this lovely photoshoot of Hannah Murray from Lula's March issue.

Isn't she lovely? I mean, I love Hannah Murray since I met her Cassie character at the uk Skins serie; she was my favourite female character... and what a lovely style she had! Is very fresh and original, mixing colors, accessories ... is undoubtedly one of the things that makes Cassie a charming character: her style.

I think that why I fell in love with this character was the ease and accuracy with which the writers dealt with her problems, especially related to eating disorders. I've always been very interested in that area and was the first time I saw something as reliable.

From Skins' the second generation of girls, my favorite is Effy, I find her very human, full of layers that are gradually being discovered. Furthermore, Kaya Scodelario is a beautiful girl and I like her style very much.

Effy's style is more hard rock, but I think that the writers have created Effy's pose to hide all its shortcomings, which gradually we discover in the series.

Yesterday, Primark opened a store right next to my house. I was looking around, but there were so many people that I did not buy anything; I'll try to go quietly , because I saw some socks that I liked very much!

And tonight I houe I could go to the cinema with my friends... it's been a hard week!

By the way, this is what I was wearing on Wednesday:

I've called it "Dandy of the Suburbs", hahahaha!

T-shirt - Zara
Vest - Mango
Pants - Stradivarius
Socks - Putumayo
Boots - Mustang
Hat - claire's

Have a nice friday!


  1. jajja me a encantado lo de "Dandy of the Suburbs" xDD
    estas guapisima como siempre *-* las fotos k as puesto me ncantan sobretodo los peinados de las primeras *---* (adicta a los peinados xD)
    besos guapa ^^

  2. I love hannah murray's style too I like Kaya's but not as much :p

    i think ur style rocks overall though ^^

  3. De verdad que me encantas!!!!! Eres tan autentica. Adoro tus conjuntos (aunque no sean de mi estilo)
    Eres toda una fashion victim *.* como yo *merkades da botecitos alrededor de Sahakiel*

  4. uuy no se quienes son jajaja! pero la segunda chica ^^ aay que lindo el estilo!!!
    Me gusta el conjunto que hiciste, te ves divis *__*

  5. oh wow i love her hair in the first editorial!!! such big hair!

    in the second editorial, the red band jacket screams out to me!!!! i want it!!!

    and as always, i love your clothes. i wish i could see your entire wardrobe!!! if you have time, you should do a closet tour!!!

    oh, and you mentioned inditex to me! could you send me the links please??? i looked them up, but i only found their corporate website, i didn't see any clothes or pictures...send me please! thanks!!


  6. Ese número de la Lula lo encontré yo por casualidad en el Fnac cuando acavaba de salir xD me encantó (L) por eso ahora estoy suscrita y no puedo esperar a que me llegue ya!

    y acabo de darme cuenta que tengo que ver Skins si o si! (ultimamente me veo como que estoy perdiendo tiempo que podría dedicar a hacer cosas útiles si me pongo a mirar series)

    y dios necesito inspiración o algo! no veas el pollo que tengo montado en mi cabeza ahora mismo.......

  7. ahh i actually own the magazine of this editorial, hannah looks greeeaat!

  8. you knwo what babe? you and i are so alike its freaky. i love every single one of those photos you posted.
    good on youu!!
    im surprised nobody told you you look french, cuz you do. youd totally be cut to be a french person!
    homework on the weekend.
    i have no life anymore. i miss blogging *snifff*
    OMGG I LOVE YOU you have no idea how appy your comment made me, im litterally on verge of tears because its so nice and cuz i feel emotional today.
    sorry for not going on blogspot for agess and delaying this recomment thing. sorry for not talking to you sooner i feel bad


  9. i love cassies style! great pics btw


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