Thursday, September 24, 2009

Little cape & pland for the weekend.

Yesterday I saw this lovely little cape at Innocent World, and I'm thinking about make one by myself. I've got a very similar fabric in blac loro, and it can be really cute!

And remember the Emilie Simon's song from the other day? Well, I've found that she's got a new album, I'll listen to it today. It's call The Big Machine, and I'm sure that it would be gorgeous.

Yesterday I found some shoes at home that I didn't remember about, and after post about Julie Andrews, I felt a bit Mary Poppins, so I dared to wear them. They're pretty old and I love them!

Shirt - Stradivarius
Skirt - Mango
Socks - Offbrand
Boots - Vintage

Tomorrow it would be the last day at work, as I'm moving to Barcelona I quit my job and see what I find there. Tomorrow, too, some days I'm going to Granada, the city where I studied Psychology and I hope to make many photos just for showing them to you, is a beautiful city.

Have a nice day!!


  1. me gusta esa capa, esta guay!
    1 besazo guapa

  2. great outfit and i would love a cape too ^^

    its very cute ^^

    good luck for the future ^^

  3. Uff que rabia me da tu estilo de vestir XDD si yo pusiera el como me visto yo saldrían cosas demasiado diferentes entre dos días... xDD
    Me encanta esas botitas ^^
    (ah, y ya he escudado el disco entero de Florence ^^)

  4. La capita es una monada ^^
    Estas guapisima!!!! Tengo que ir de compras (cuando cobre jajaja)
    Me gusta mucho la blusa y la falda

  5. Venga venga!
    ¡¡A ver cuando llegas!!
    Te espero con los grazos abiertos :)

  6. La capa me encanta^^ Me enamore de la cancion de Emilie Simon y del video *_* Y de las fotos antiguas que pusiste ^^ Por cierto me encanta tu look *_*

  7. Oh I adore that cape!! It's wonderful!!

    Your outfit is awesome and that's so cool that you found those boots. I've been searching ebay and etsy for a pair just like that.

    Good luck on your move to Barcelona, I'm so excited for you.

  8. Que conjunto más mono! Me encanta la falda aunque creo que habría quedado mejor con unas medias o algo por encima de la rodilla :)

    El cuello de IW es una monada!!

  9. That cape is too cute. Definitely go for a DIY!

  10. The cape... It's so adorable! It makes my eyes happy. :)

  11. te vas a Barcelona, que emoción ^^
    a mi también me gusta emelie simons, no sabía de su nuevo album! te ves linda

  12. The cape is adorable! At first I thought it belonged to a doll or something! It's super sweet.

    Btw, the outfit is sweet! Hopw you have a great time from now on!


  13. Wow, the cape is so breathtakingly beautiful! Hope your DIY works out!!

    Love the stripes you incorporated into your outfit, especially the socks! Oh and I love the colour of your hair, it's so pretty:)


  14. es un estilo muy de muñequita :)

    (y granada una maravilla)


  15. Thank you for that sweet comment, And the cape is super cute. If u make one yourself I request for a tutorial :)



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