Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dreaming with fairies...

Hello everyone! I hope that you all had a great weekend; mine was really nice!

On friday, Cris come home just for cutting my hair and the we met Esther and had a very great evening chatting and drinking coffee. Then, on saturday, I went into Tamar's shop and talked about what we're doing on the nex Salón del Manga de Barcelona next week. By the way, maybe I may participate in a debate about Lolita fashion in Spain and Japan, I think it will be very interesting.

All afternoon we talked yet working, preparing things to sell at this event; and then, at night, I went to a party with Micky, Sergio and Mario, where there were playing two cool rock groups; we had a great time!

This is how I looked on saturday!

T-shirt - Pull&Bear
Skirt - Putumayo
Tights - Primark
Socks - Blanco
Shoes - Bodyline
Hairclip - Offbrand
Brooche - La virgen de los broches

Today I spent the whole day with my friend Alejandro, he's from the same town as me and have been friends for many years. We had lunch at a Japanese restaurant that I love; the Sushi-ya, and then we went to the El Bosc de Fades, a lovely cafe next to the wax museum. It is decorated in a magical way, judging by the photos!

Me at the city center! I was wearing:
Brow top from Bershka (second hand)
Mini skirt from Mango (second hand too)
Socks from Calzedonia
My lovely brow t-strap shoes tht I bought at Granada!
Bag from a Disney store (it was so cute!)
Sunglasses from Calire's

At the entrance of the Cafe.

My lovely Alejandro!

You may not know, but I love fairies, mythology and stories, and this place is wonderful, all its essence reminds you of that magical world.

After this, we went to the Maremagnum, a big Shopping mall that opens on Sunday; I bought this headband with feathers for hair, I thought it was hilarious! I hope to use it the next day 22, I'll go with Laia to the store opening!

I hope that tomorrow you may have a great Monday!



  1. Me encanta el último conjunto, esos calcetines son muy perfectos!
    Tenemos que tomar más cafeses que lo pasé genial!

  2. Oh, looks like a wonderful day. I adore both your outfits and totally loving the knee socks and t-straps.

    Such gorgeous architecture.

  3. quiero tu ropa toda tu ropaa siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ♥

  4. Looks like you had the most perfect day! I love the sweet lolita-ish outfits you have on!! You have the cutest little skirts and knee highs:)

  5. que divinaa!! ese tocado está gracioso ejejee pero te luce ;)
    a mi también me gustan las hadas y esas cuestiones.

    Feliz lunes guapa

  6. Me encantan tus fotos, me encanta tu pelo y me encanta como vistes ♥ Si algún día te roban la ropa, ya sabes quién ha sido (muijijiji)


  7. me encanta la foto de colón... yo tb tengo una entrada de El bosc de les fades! jaja y tb tengo pensado ir al salón del manga....


  8. ainssssssss q guapa con el conjuntito grisssss...estas preciosa nena...

    disculpa q no conteste apenas pero estoy sin ordenador...besetessssssss preciosisisisisiiiiiiiiiiisima

  9. Both of the outfits are so cute! Especially the second one, love the skirt in it:) It's like a school girl skirt which I adore:D
    ANd that restaurant looks so fab!

  10. Me encanta tu conjunto preppy 60s moderna (L) de punk loli estas adorable tb!

    Jiji que ganas el jueves y a ver como evoluciona lo del salón!! xDD Estoy muerta, y tengo la habitación hecha una mierda, creo que me dedicaré a arreglarla básicamente y a dormir....

  11. Oh!!! muchas gracias! Yo tampoco había visto tu blog! Y es que no uso ni entro mucho en trendation.
    Un besito!!!!

  12. neiii me encantan los zapatos de las ultimas fotos y con las calzas genial
    1 besazo guapa

  13. Very cute skirt! You look quite lovely. :)

  14. Yo he estado en ese café faérico :D ¡Es genial!

  15. ooooh! mis amigas de bcn siempre me han dicho de ir al Bosc de Fades, pero hace tanto que no voy allí... :( la próxima vez que vaya a bcn sin falta me paso por allí!
    besos guapa!!!:)


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