Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Last coffee...

It's official, tomorrow I go to Barcelona to try to fulfill my dreams, for me life to live and to be happy. It will be the first stop on my big dream: to live outside Spain ... but before leaving my country, I trained as coolhunter ...

Today I had coffee last time with my friends at our favorite coffee shop, I spent a wonderful afternoon and has given me very sad to leave my dear Rose, with tears ... so I put a picture of three smiling, it is best to remember that.

Incidentally, today I "released" my old blue vintage skirt and my pink shoes ... Do you remember my white tea parties? Well, now are pink!

T shirt - Stradivarius but print by me
Skirt - Vintage
Tights - Primark
Shoes - Secret Shop (painted by me)

Btw, I bought a laptop to continue reading and writting to all of you about me and my life ... and now, my adventures in Barcelona. I take this moment to thank all those that you read what I do, thank you very much!

Tomorrow, fly!


  1. Oh cute outfit! The tea party shoes look really great pink. I think you'll do really well in Barcelona :D Good luck with everything!

  2. que monada de conjunto (tea parties radioactivas!!!)

    ayss debe de ser super triste dejar el lugar del que formas parte y empezar de 0 en otro, siempre digo q me quiero ir pero sé que sería super chungo.....

    y POR SUPUESTO que soy super mega hiper fan de Luis Piedrahita! (L) acaba de entrar a formar parte de mi familia de amores platónicos adorables y a finales de octubre pienso ir a verle en directo con una amiga! Y a hacerle saber mi amor por él, es que, en serio xD hoy ya estaba yo muriendo con Mika, pero ha salido él y ha sido éxtasis! (LLLLLLL)

  3. I'm so excited for you!! I know it's sad leaving friends, but you're are going after your dreams which is so amazing.

    I can't wait to read your updates.


  4. omg those shoes *drool*

    hope ur journey is good ^^

  5. Oh I'm sure you're feeling so excited and scared at the same time! But how brave of you to be goin after your dream!! I hope you write more about Barcelona and you living the dream there:)

    All the best to you, dear! Oh, and the now pink shoes are totally adorable!!

  6. you look so sweet in that outfit, and OMG at your shoes!!!

    and Thank You so much for your encouragement, we will try our best <3!! We wish you the best of luck and fun in Barcelona , you go girl too :D!!

  7. waaa los teaaa! k pasada de conjunto! *-*
    Jm.. yo se lo que es estar lejos de los tuyos, suerte que al otro lado también te estan esperando :3
    Un beso guapa !*_*
    Cuidate mil ^^

  8. joía eres graciosa a reventar...hahaha! la verdad qdaría enchapado monísimo...hahaha!

    bsetessssssssss reina

  9. Cuanto viajas!!!! Dale muchos recuerdos a las niñas de Barcelona de mi parte!!!
    A ver cuando uno para los madriles ;)
    Muchos besotes!!!!!

  10. oowww i'm so behind on your posts! congratulations on moving to bcn!! it is a lovely city to live in ;)

    i love love LOVE your skirt! and i still havnt told you how AWSOME you look with red hair :D

  11. Enjoy, learn , experience, try not bo afraid, embrace this fabulous chance!!

    One Love,

  12. Best of luck with your move. It's really hard to leave good friends behind but it sounds like you have so much to look forward to

    Polly x

  13. Your new header is great

    /N from Sweden

  14. i like your pink shoes. really cool

  15. Ohh, adorable pink shoes, and I love your hair's color!! :D

  16. You look adorable:) LOve those shoes and skirt!
    Oh, and good luck with moving and finding yourself in a new place:*

  17. show us a close up of the shirt! xx

  18. Your little pink shoes are soooooo cute!


  19. niña!!!!!!! muchísima suerte en bcn!! espero de verdad que te vaya todo bien, y q cuando vaya allí de visita os vea a laia y a tí! te parece? jeje:)
    mucha suerte de corazón y todo lo mejor guapa!!!!!! yes you can:)

    pd. tu cabecera me encanta!

  20. un lugar maravilloso para cafetear, me encanta

    (y también tus pies :)


  21. it would be a new and stunning life, i'm pretty sure of it !!

    let's make your dreams comme true ;)

  22. omggggggggg those shoes!!!
    please do a closeup of the shoes and the part you painted!!!!!!!!! so cute!


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