Monday, October 05, 2009

But every monday morning comes...

I simply love that song from Suede; they're one of my favourite bands ever... Brett Anderson's voice is so perfect...

Hi there everyone! Yes, two actualizations on a day! But as I felt something run down to the previous post, which was quite melancholy; I decided to write this one explaining my weekend and to show you a cute thing or two...

Friday was spent at home, the truth is that I have a little cold and my nose now looks like a faucet, it is not pleasant, but not the least my throat hurts. However, on Saturday invited Rose, Jose and Miguel for dinner, I cooked my curry and drank fantastic Oporto ... then, of course, we went dancing!

Jose, rose, me and Miguel making the dumb, of course.

On the other hand, have not I taught my new shoes ... "They are monkeys? I found them by accident walking around Granada, they were looking at me timidly from the window ... I entered, I asked the price, and my luck was lowered, initially cost 70 € but I bought for 30 € is a bargain, right?

My look on saturday evening:
Shirt - Zara
Skirt - green coas customized
Tights - Calzedonia
Shoes - Red Girl

And this beautiful blue skirt is one of my favorites, but stopped long ago put it on because the waist was too high and not entirely convinced me how I was looking... so my friend Rocío has managed it, and with the leftover fabric I made this little purse to match! The skirt is very old, from the seventies, I bought second hand at the market of Sabinillas.

One more thing, I have stolen affectionately Maria from Lulu Letty, this charming button.

dear diary

Sharon, of My Passport to Style and Lauren, of Lauren Loves are hosting the exciting Dear Diary 5 Day blogging event in hope of raising awareness of the importance of regular cervical smear testing. Maria made this lovely button, so please, visit her bolg and the blog of Lauren and Sharon, and comment about it!

And one more thing yet! Today I found this surprise:

Yes, I was on the cover of Modepass! I was not expecting what was funny! It make my day, hehehe!

And congratulations from sweet Laia from Let Me Feel Like a Doll, she's at Must! Magazine! this month!!


  1. Wow, your shoes are way better than mine, but they are similar!

    Ugh, I'm sorry you have a cold, but that's so awesome that you're featured on Modepass' home page!! They featured me once and it was like a dream come true!!!

    Thanks so much for sharing the button and spreading the love.

  2. I love the plaid shirt..and shoes!

  3. Voy de mañanas y con un horario totalmente distinto cada día, mañana por ejemplo entro a las 8 x))))))

    Que monez de zapatos!! Quiero tacones nuevos, aunque no me los vaya a poner xD dios hoy voy a morir, ahora si que me meto en la cama xD

  4. Me encanta el color de tu pelo :) Muás, guapa!

  5. Me encantan esos zapatos. Te acabo de solicitar amistad en Trendtation.

    B* a la Moda

  6. congrats on being on the cover ^^

    i love ur outfit :D the skirt and purse r adorable

  7. Ey! yo quiero esas medias naranjas!!! que son ideales ahora para cuando estemos en Halloween XDDD
    Un abrazo

  8. oooh k zapatos mas monoos *o*!!
    Estabas muy guapa! como siempre x3
    tus medias me encantan *_*!
    un besooo =D

  9. cool like the outfit with the hot pant very much

  10. i love suede too! i like your yellow tights

  11. I always love your outfits!!! you totally pull off all types of styles, whether its lolita or denim and plaid!!!


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