Monday, April 19, 2010

19 of April

A day like these, some gorgeous people were born...

Constance Talmadge, an american actress.

Merce Cunningham, an american dancer and coreographer.

Fernando Botero, a colombian writer, painter and sculptor.

Jayne Mansfield, one of the hottest american actress. 


Paloma Picasso, the daughter of Pablo Picasso.

Paloma and Claude Picasso by Richard Avedon (my favourite photo from him)

James Franco, the handsome american actor. 

Kate Hudson, the lovely blondie american actress. 

And the most important; Laia: lovely, stylish, cool, clever, adorable, blonde (of course XD) and the most important thing: my friend. 

I love you, darling, and I'm so proud of you and it's a honour being your friend. Happy birthday!!

By the way, if you want to see what we did last saturday for Laia's birthday, have a look here if you haven't seen it... I'm sure you'll like it!


  1. Felicidades a todos (los que sigan vivos), pero especialmente a Laia ^^

  2. os quiero (L)(L)(L)(L) (por el comentaro de Kim que acabo de leerlo xDD) aysssss gracias Libe (L) te quiero mucho de verdad, joo

  3. Aww that's so sweet, Libs! Happy birthday to Laia:)


  4. Felicidades para Laia!! Desde luego menuda fecha más remarcable!!! También fue el cumple de mi vecina. ;)

    B* a la Moda

  5. Sahakiel, tengo un preguntita qe le hize hace tiempo pero qe no recuero la respuesta :( como se llama y donde esta ese bar hamburgueseria tan estilo 50 al que vais? tenog unas ganas tremendas de ir <3

    muchas gracias amor <3

  6. Oh, thanks for the proposal for the dress in H&M, it's so kind! ^^
    But I'm not sure if it would fit me anyway, it depend of the shape... Sometime dresses from H&M are too small for the waist and at the same time, too large for the breast on me... ^^;
    The best is if I can try it to see if it's ok, so I will have a look on some other H&M of Paris! Maybe I will find it!
    Kisses and thanks ;)

  7. Felicidades a tu amiga y a ti por la entrada! muy chula... Por cierto, amo su vestido!

  8. ¡Qué toppic más pecioso! :D

  9. Aw, happy birthday to Laia!! :D


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