Monday, April 12, 2010

Taste you...

You all know that I'm obsessed with redhair girls... Julianne Moore, Florence & The Machine, Shirley Manson, Lilly Cole... and now, taking the advantage that she's releasing her new album, I can say it loud: I love Mellissa Auf Der Maur.

I met Melissa when she was playing the bass at Hole, the band from Courtney Love (a person I really don't like). Since the first time I saw her, I knew she was speciall, although she was singing the backgrouds vocals I listened to her voice with more interest than Courtney.

In 2000, I had the pleasure of seeing her with The Smashing Pumpkins at the Sacred and Profane tour. She was there instead of D'arcy, who has left the band, and I can only say that she as gorgeous, very friendly and near to the public.

When she released her first album, I bought it without doubt; it was brilliant. It was 2004 and is called Auf Der Maur, the same name she uses as an artist. Taste you, Real Life and Followed the Waves were the singles of this glorious debut.

And now, finally, after so many years (and a EP released in 2008), we can finally have Out of Our Minds, her new album. I just have listened to it and I love it; her voice is as great as always, and I can't wait for seeing her again in a live show...

Did you know Melissa? What do you think about her?


  1. She is very beautiful! I can see why you admire her.

    Lulu Letty

  2. Oh no, they won't play for me tonight! The connection is bad. She looks amazing though and I can't wait to try again later to hear her. Thanks!

  3. Esta mujer es lo más grande que lo sepas!

  4. Oh I LOVE MAdM, have done for ten years! She has been a huge influence on me :) I cannot wait for the release!

  5. i wanna go to a concert asgain yay for smashing pumpkins ^^

  6. Pues no la conocía, pero ahora sí :P

  7. one red headed girl i think is very beautiful, is Rachelle Lefevre who played Victoria in Twilight.

  8. Well, now I know her! ;) Incredible voice indeed...

  9. Yo a ella por supuesto la conocía y escuché algo de Hole, pero luego su música en solitario no la había escuchado nunca, aunque también es cierto que no estoy muy puesta en nada de rock o música alternativa moderna, a mí me quitas de mis grupos de doom metal y me pierdo, tengo que ponerme al día jaja
    Pero estoy escuchando ahora los videos que has puesto y suena bien, así que me bajaré el disco a ver qué tal.

    Y si, yo también sufro con tanta ropa marinerita en las tiendas... sufro porque soy pobre y no me la puedo comprar toda jaja

    1 beso!

  10. Oh, another gorgeous redhead! How come they are so beautiful? I love the 2nd pic, so ethereal:)


  11. No, I didn't knew Melissa, but now I'm gonna listen to her. I'm going to watch those videos... btw, my sister is srta. Melancolia from the Skins blog, you know her. You've got a new follower and I invite ypu to my world any time you want. Byeeee!!!

  12. No la conozco jeejeje!! a mi también me agradan algunas mujeres de pelo rojo, en general la que sea guapa XD.

    Por cierto una amiga me enseño música de florence and the machine, porque andamos ultimamente fascinadas con lo indie y estaba segura que me sonaba familiar y taraan, tu eras la que poste un video, es simplemente genial esta banda y el pelo de ella divino *_*


  13. I'm completely in love with her first album and I was really looking forward to new songs!!

    Have you ever listened to Hand of Doom, a band that made a tribute made to Black Sabbath?(Melissa was the lead singer)

  14. Oh, Melissa. Very beautiful, as all of my fave redheads, but I'm afraid D'Arcy stole my heart back in the SP times :)


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