Thursday, April 15, 2010

Comment lui dire adieu...

Today the sky was grey again...

But I wanted to use my straw hat...

And I smiled as I was listening to François Hardy...

Dreaming of being far way... and thinking about Peter Steele's death...

So now, I sing songs by François Hardy, but the truth is that I don't know exactly what they say, because I don't speak much french... but sounds so good... and sad.

My outfit: 
T-shirt - Zara
Cardigan - Primark
Skirt and tights - H&M
Boots - Aces of London
Hat - Oysho


  1. sweet outfit especially the polka dots and the cardy ^^

    great photo effects too :3

  2. Waaw I love your shoes, and your hat!! I want one like this ^^
    And Françoise Hardy is great ^3^
    Kisses! ;)

  3. Definitivamente amo ese sombrerooooooooooooo!! acabaré comprándomelo, si quedan, claro...

  4. I love your style! It's so sweet.

  5. I love the hat I want one but my heads to big :'(. I'm the same with songs in a different language especially korean pop.

  6. Ese gorrito es puro amor, ya te lo dije, y tus medias de lunares son una pasada.

    Me encanta como has retocado las fotos, quedan preciosísimas, les da un aire nostalgico...

  7. Qué sombrero más chulo. Me gusta todo el look. Siempre mezclas diferente!

    B* a la Moda

  8. Interesante el toque de marrón con los otros colores.


  9. Anda, si yo tengo el mismo gorro de Oisho! Pero el mio me vuela cada dos por tres y Juanma me dice que no me lo ponga con él que parezco una campesina xD

  10. I love your tights and the hat is so cute, love it on youu!


  11. Botellones yo?! por favor, me ofendes. Yo solo bebo champagne francés xDDDD

  12. como siempre te digo: me encantan tus medias!



  13. me gusta muchísimo cómo te queda este conjunto, la combinación de colores, las botitas, y el toque del sombrero es genial!
    Y las fotos son estupendas!

  14. I'm loving the hat, it's just too cute! =D Btw, loving the vintage effect on the pics. =)


  15. El gorrito es un amor !
    Yo me he comprado uno, pero no es asi de mono :/

  16. Love cognac and black together. & Peter Steele was too young--very sad

  17. how cute !! i understand what you feel, i ve been wearing dresses the past days eventhough the weather is not really great...

    The song kinda goes like this:

    There is no way i want
    to have unhappy habits
    You have to explain to me a little
    how i can tell you farewell
    My silex heart is bursting into flame
    Your pylex heart is fireproof
    i am puzzeled, i m not determined
    at saying farewell

    I truly knows that an ex romance doesnt have any chances,
    or so few
    But for me, an explaination
    would be better

    There is no way i want
    in front of you, to overexposed my eyes,
    behind a tissue i will be better at saying farewell

    You blacklisted our sleepless nights,
    our blue-grey mornings
    But for me an explaination would be better

    i think that's pretty much it right? ;-)

  18. que estilazo tienes leñe!! como va todo bonicaa?? adoro tu falda! un bsoo

  19. Love this look Libs. The big and small polka dots are awesome.

    Lulu Letty

  20. Llevo mucho tiempo pensando si comprarme uno de esos sombreros (que tanto he visto a las americanitas que me gustan :P) pero no sé si me quedaría bien o no me daría verguenza ponérmelo! jeje.
    Ay, qué dilemas de la vida, jaja.

    Besos guapa!


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