Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sweet Nothing...

Today I've spent the day with lots of lovely people around me. First of all, my lovely friend Cristina came to my house, and we walked our way to Eric's place, where Omar, Jordi and Yuki were waiting for us just for having lunch... and we ate this delicious curry!

Seriously, one of the best I've ever had, it was so delicous!
Eric and Omar.
Jordi, Yuki and Cristina.

The dessert were the gorgeous strawberries from the top of the post... yummy! And after all this delicious meal, we went into the city center, searching for some trainers for the guys, but unfortunately we didn't find the rights ones... 
The good part is that we stopped into Demasie Cafe, a place you all know I love... and Eric too, because he was the one who discovered me that place!
Berry crumble and coffee.
Eric with his cookie and Omar. 
Jordi and I, just adore this picture!

Thanks to all the people who commented in my last entry, the interview to Lulu Letty... if you didn't read it, please, do it! It was really nice!

Weekend is coming... have you got any good plans for it? Because I have some good ones!

By the way, I've got a Weardrobe now! Have you got one yet?


  1. omar's hair is really cool :p
    i love the photo ^^

    and i would love to see hwo u made the jewellery i wanna get into it ^^

  2. Opino como Naka, el pelo de Omar es la ostia!

    Madre mia que pintaza tienen esos platos!!
    La verdad es que con el tema de la muela no me va a quedar otro remedio que ir al dentista uff y volver a recordar los momentos de la pelicula XD.

    Un besazo!

  3. Oh my goodness, you're making me hungry!:) What a great looks like you and your friends had a wonderful time.

  4. Those treats looks delightful!

  5. definitivamente, quien pudiera merendar contigo todos los dias ;O;!

  6. que hambre me ha entrado viendo las fotos!!!

    1 besazo enorme guapa

  7. Ay, pero qué pinta tienen todas las comidas y postres de estas fotos!
    Aunque yo no puedo tomar pollo al curry, me sientan fatal las comidas muy picantes o con muchas especias por culpa del colon irritable... y los dulces mejor que tampoco los pruebe, que me pierdo jajaja

    1 beso!

  8. Mira por donde, hoy te escribo en español... las fotos, muy chulas. La verdad es que tiene todo muy buena pinta. ¿Planes para el finde? Sip: ¡ME VOY A VER "ALICIA" DE TIM BURTON! Ya dejare la correspondiente reseña en el blog. ¡¡Besitos!!

  9. Oh,we have lots of curry dishes here! I wonder how the curry over there tastes like! It's funny to see that you had it with strawberry desert though:)

    And the interview with Maria is totally 100% sweet!



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