Thursday, April 01, 2010

Is good having friends like these...

As you know, since I'm living in Barcelona, I've left so many good people there. My beloved Rose, Jose and Anabel; Lucy, David, Ana... lots of people. Today I had a lovely evening with some of my best friends around here...

So, this evening I've been with Party, Angie, Sete, july and Rocío... and we had a lovely surprise, but I'll show you later...

We prepared some crepes with chocolate, apple, tea and coffe, and chatted about our life... it's been  months since the las time I saw this great people and I really miss them...

Rocío and July

I took some pictures to party for my classes, and he made me a photosession so hilarious with a fan...
Don't ask me about this picture... I still don't know why he made me, hahaha!
Fan singer!
I was wearing: 
T-shirt - Zara
Cardigan - Blanco
Skirt - Miss T Sugar
Socks - Emily Temple Cute
Shoes - Bimba & Lola
Hairbow - Offbrand (a present from Cuba!)
Brooche - Hanmade by my lovely Laia!

And now, three surprises for today... first of all, at the end of the evening, this lovely person came from Granada... 

My dearest Jairo is here until sunday! But, moreover... when I arrive home, I discovered that Jose is here too, he came from Madrid!! And after all the surprises, my dear Esther called me, it was to good hear about her!!

So, this was a great day! And tomorrow, more!

PS: I also forgot! I put the webcam today for my dearest Octavio, one of the most crazy and lovely persons I've ever meet!!


  1. You're cute as always! I love the photo with the fan... :D
    happy easter!

  2. los amigos son los mejores!
    xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  3. super cute photos ^^ im glad he persuaded u to take the photos ^^ i love ur skirt :3

  4. These pictures are so cute, I just love your skirt!


  5. Un Jairo!!! Miralo xD ¡¡Yo también quiero verte JOOO!! xD

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  7. ¡Si que es genial tener buenos amigos! Pasaba a firmar y a decir que cambié de blog, en el anterior no dejaban comentar. La nueva dirección es:

    Au revoir~

  8. how nice that you got to see your friends from home !! the crepes look YUMMY !!! i m gonna meet my friends from Paris today !!!

  9. Cool pictures! Love the fan picture hehe!


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