Friday, April 23, 2010

It's working

Yesterday we walked through the Borne and discovered some lovely places. In this shop I bought some little things that I'll show you soon, but not now!

Tomorrow is Saint George here in Barcelona, it's like St. Valentine's day but only in Catalonya, isn't it lovely? Normally, boys give a rose to girls and she must buy a book for them... but I think I'm not getting any rose... I prefer a book ;)

And by the evening, we'll go with my friend Cris for a coffee, because it was her birthday this week too! So many birthdays these days!

In another way, I want to show you my new Topshop dress and my new dolls.

I bought it at half-price, isn't it cool?
The Queen of Hearts' Minipullip
And my new Licca doll!

Are you waiting for something cool in the weekend?

Shirt - Urban Outfitters (from NY, thanks, Laia!)
Skirt - Syndrome BCN
Socks - Emily Temple Cute
Shoes - Bimba & Lola


  1. I love your hair color right now! gorgeous. and that lace dress is so lovely.

    xx djrd

  2. i love ur outfit and ur photos..
    very pretty!


  3. you guys have your own St Valentine? that's so cool !! do you celebrate both? I love your socks !

  4. cute top and skirt and i love the dolls too and i think thats sweet giving books and roses :)

  5. Qué guapa vas! Me gusat la combianción de colores. Atrevida, en tu línea. El vestido de encaje es ideal también.
    B* a la Moda

  6. me ha encantado un monton tu blogg!!! te seguireee!!!

  7. ohm ya tenia ganas d ver a tu licca *_* esm onisima!

  8. Oh I want to steal your socks so bad, they're so lovely. As is your whole outfit by the way. And that Topshop dress? It's so amazingly pretty!

    And I think that Saint George sounds cute!

  9. me encanta, el vestido de topshop, yo tmb lo quiero U_U

  10. Nooooooooooo!!! AMO-ESE-VESTIDO!!!
    No me digas que es otro de tus chollos porque me da algo eh??

  11. Replay @ my comment: Dear... ES GRATIS! por eso me enganché.

    Que remona, que no me deja hypearte pero te lo digo y todo eso, y la tullip esa, es la que te regalaron no?? que mona también!!
    Yo solo estoy esperando para San Marcos y beber como borrachos en mitad del campo... que triste es mi vida XD

  12. OMGGGGG i was about to buy that topshop dress! but they didnt have my size =/

    aww i remember the borne, its the coolest zone in Barcelona!

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  14. Love the outfit so pretty, especially the socks! The lace dress is so cute!


  15. I can't believe you got that shirt from Urban Outfitters! It's so cute! That lace TopShop dress is adorable, too. Thanks for the grandma support on my blog, by the way. : )

    I like books and flowers... but I mean... the book is clearly the more practical gift... but should romance be practical??

  16. me ha encantado este conjunto de camisita y falda de lunares, y esas medias tan graciosas!, y los zapatos!!
    Y espero que lo pases bien y que te regalen libros a montones, ;D


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