Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Drama...

About This Drama:

"Yes, you know how it works. The beginning, the process, the magic... boring. Then, the promo stuff, the product, the lie. Man, being in a rock'n'roll band is really cool.
This Drama has been out there for a while. Born and raised in a small island in the middle of the Atlantic, we all meet when we were young, at shows, rehearsals, spending our time together in some shity bands. Sweet.
We have put out a few records and cd's, done some tours, canceled a couple of shows including a hippy summertime festival. We have played for 25000 people. We have played for 3 people. You all should have seen us play. Always exhausted. We used to wish it would never end.
Many people love what we do. Most hate it. We do not give a shit about 'the scene', about 'the kids'. Yes, especially those wearing their own band tshirts.

So what are we? what do we do now? The music will flow.

Fuck your local scene. Or something."

I went today to a concert; yes, another one. But this one was different, because I met a band that left me with my mouth open: This Drama.

This Drama mix a sound that reminds me to The (International) Noise Conspiracy, but with more punk and a USA style that gives them a unique point. I really recomend you to visit their Myspace, because they're really gorgeous!

Here you can see someof the pics I took today, but at my Flickr you can see a bunch more (in colour, mostly). Please, take a look at them and tell me your opinion!

The last one are Asdrubal's arms, with his tattoos... I guess that Hedi Slimane is having some influence on me...

And things that I liked from today:

Sandra, Asdrubal's girlfriend; one of the loveliest persons I've ever met!
The messages from some people at the concert...
Cute people!
Nati's shoes!
Nati's car!
My vegan noodles... 
... and Maxie doing the dumb with them!
My sailor cardigan, wich I'll show you soon!
M pseudo-navy day!
T-shirt - Handmade
Shorts - Zara
Socks - Calzedonia (old)
Shoes - Melissa
Headscarf - Vintage

I hope that everybody had a gorgeous saturday... I think that I'm gettin sick, but anyway I'm staying at home tonight and wait for the final episode of Lost... are you seeing it?

And by the way, thank you so much for your lovely comments; I must replied them, I know; because you all deserve it... you're lovely!!!

And one thing more: Laia has posted something on her blog that I think you may read, so please, have a look an share your opinion. I can't be more agree with her in everything she wrote... I'm not a clone, I'm not a robot and I don't want to fight in the clone fashion wars!!


  1. que pasada de fotos (L) en blanco y negro quedan super bien! me encanta tu cardigan y de verdad, parece que hayas pasado un sábado genial!

  2. uuh el estilo del vocalista me gusta mucho ^^ y que buenas fotos tomaste!!
    Ains ese short lo vi la semana pasada en Zara, pero no andaba la tarjeta juajua, lástima... te luce montón

    Espero pases feliz domingo
    saludoooos! muah!

  3. seems like you had a great time !! can't wait to see more of that marine jacket !

  4. Acabo de entrar en el myspace de This Drama y he escuchado un par de canciones suenan bien, aunque quizá demasiado americanos para mi gusto.

    Tus shorts son una monada, me encantan, y tu amiga Laia tiene razón, el 90% de los blogs de moda son clones los unos de los otros

  5. i love ur tshirt and shorts :3

    and omg cute sailor jumper :3

  6. Those men look amazing, I will check them out!

    I love your outift (again, the socks are so cute) and I adore that sailor jacket! Actually, everyone photographed in this post looks pretty awesome.

  7. Estabas guapisima!! Me encanta tu navy-look! ;)

  8. Gracias a ti conoci unos nuvos blogers! Algunos me gustan mucho.
    Por supuesto Elinkan, ella es simplemente maravillosa.
    Besos desde Polonia


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