Saturday, May 15, 2010

The girl who came from Amsterdam (part II of a little Amsterdam's guide)

My second day at Amsterdam started really early in my bedroom... at 7 o'clock in the morning I woke up and dressed up for having a walk before breakfast!

I wish I would know that I didn't need my sunglasses...

It was raining that day, I think that's why I was smiling (you all know that I love rainy days!)

So I walked around Overtoom, and I discovered one great place in the number 301!
This was some kind of youth association where they practice their grafitti style and sells t-shirt, sprays and things like that... it was really great!!
And there was some more things I found that morning... 

After this lonely walk, I came back to the hotel and had breakfast with my classmates. That morning we were visiting the Fashion and Museum District and The Pijp, so we went there. First of all, the Fashion District, where I found MY vespa... 

And where we saw Chanel, Gucci, Hermés...

At Hermés I saw the most wonderful Birkin bag I've ever seen... gorgeous! And then... I amsterdam!

And the Pijp!

And later on, I visited Warterlooplane, the Flowermarket and Leidsestraat. 

The End and Time Machine, two vintage stores at Waterlooplane.
At Leidsestraat I met Robert, a guy who was trying to take some money for the animals who suffers violence... he was so kind and explained me about this and let me took some pictures to him!

So, from that day, I want you to recomend you these places: 

* De taart van m'n tante (Ferdinand Bolstraat 10).

A gorgeous place where you cand see great cackes... and eat them! So kitsch and lovely at the same time!! You must go!
* Burguermeester (there are various around Amsterdam, so enter in any of them!!)
Delicious burguers, we had lunch there and I really liked it... best than McDonalds or anyone else!

* Blond (Gerard Doustraat 69)

One of the funniest shop I've ever seen... everything is made for blond girls... so, everything is cute... and of course, for all girls!! I'll show you what I bought there, of course!

* Art Unlimited Postcards (Leidsestraat 57)

A place where you can find any kind of postcards!

So, this was my trip to Amsterdam, I hope you all liked this little guide about the city!!
Next stop... (I hope!)... Stockholm!

Oh, and THANK YOU to all of you who has enter my first giveaway... finally, I'll announce the winner on Sunday... so keep an eye on my blog!!

And thanks for reading!


  1. Ese vestido negro de chanel de la derecha de la primera foto me estaba llamando sinuosamente con sus cantos sireniticos xD
    Y vaya pasada el maniqui de la tienda vintage, muy rococo si señor.
    Ay, yo ya tengo ganas de viajar, pero como no tengo money, me jodo xD

  2. You're so adventurous, Libs and like a world traveller! If ever I'm lucky enough to go to Amsterdam, I definitely want to visit all these places you did!!


  3. que envidia sanota me das =)

    1 besazo enorme linda

  4. omg a hello kitty scooter ^^ and great graffiti ^^

  5. Qué ciudad más increíble... qué ganas dan de ir...

  6. Ay, qué envidia de post!!
    Ya me gustaría a mí poder ir a Amsterdan y hacer este recorrido... ver esos grafittis tan geniales, entrar en las tiendas vintage, maravillarme con los bolsos de Hermes (aunque sea en el escaparate), comer tartas kitsch... ¡muero de envidia!
    En fin, algún día iré yo también... y sigo diciendo que deberías venir a Coruña, te pasarías el día sonriendo con tanta lluvia jaja

    1 beso!

  7. Love the pictures, you portrayed Amsterdam very well!


  8. Nunca he estado en Amsterdam pero no lo dejare de lado, tus fotos me han encantado

  9. JODER que vida llevas maldita! xD Las fotos que normalmente haces son una pasada pero te has superado!! Que genialidaaad :D

  10. Qué ganas tengo de ir a Holanda... bueno, en realidad a cualquier sitio de centro Europa! :)

    Un besazo guapa!

  11. Awesome photos!! 301 looks amazing! I really want to go to Amsterdam now ;) It looks like you are having an amazing time!!

  12. ow wow this is like indie guide to amsterdam!
    and the vintage shops look sooooo good *.*

  13. Me encanta el street art... creo que sería feliz recopilando sitios con street art... ya sean stencils, stickers u otras cosas así... algún día buscaré sitios así y los iré colgando.

  14. Tía me encanta esta guía de Amsterdam que has hecho, aunque la he mirado por encima sólo, no he tenido tiempo de más!

    No sé cuando volveré a la ciudad, ni si lo haré, pero me guardo bien tus recomendaciones por su acaso!


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