Saturday, May 08, 2010

Love of Lesbian: infinite universes

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Today's been a good day, except for the point that I've been all day with headache; and I still have... so, for today, I'm leaving you with a lovely clip from Love of Lesbian, one of my favourite bands. I've translated the lyrics for you who doesn't speak Spanish, so please, take your time and listen :)

Have a gorgeous and happy weekend!!

Now they
say that there are more universes
infinite as ours.
Tell me if it isn't
to go crazy,
Don't you feel smaller?
Two mirrors facing would create
one hundred
a thousand faces to watch,
maybe one of them is the real one,
I'll have to investigate.
journey begins now

...Infinite ingenuity,
enthusiasm minimal
I felt so capable ...e with my
Aluminium capsule,
my error was total, large as it's insane,
I do not detect a signal,
I would never
find the place where
I finally understood myself.

I got lost in my universe, and you?
got lost in my universe, and you?
I won't do it anymore, I haven't found answers.
if I never return and this noise never stops?
Worlds that will explode if my life is the best.

And I cannot
longer do more if this more always remains
...And I cannot
longer do more if this more always remains
...And I cannto
longer do more ...And I cannot longer
do more ...


  1. Que preciosidad me encantan las letras de Love of Lesbian.
    El video me recuerda a una frikada que hice hace tiempo con una muñeca Mariquita Pérez *.* Ahora me han entrado ganas de ver los videoclips de Lyona >_<!

    P.S: Si te sirve de consuelo yo hoy también estoy con dolor de cabeza .__.

    nos vemos por el foro guapetona :)!!

  2. Hola,chica. Espero que tu dolor de cabeza vaya a menos. Cuídate y descansa.

    B* a la Moda

  3. hola!
    es la primera vez que veo este blog, y la verdad es que me ha gustado mucho!
    las fotos son geniales!!
    pasate por mi blog si kieres:

  4. Te parecerá increible, pero estube una vez en un concierto en mi pueblo, hace un par de años, y ni los escuche!!!!


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