Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Punk or mod? Why not both?

Last Saturday I did two things that were so opposite, but both were related to music.

At 8 o'clock I went to Razzmatazz for a punk concert: The Exploited with one of my beloved punk bands: The Adicts! I wasn't on the first row because there were lots of people making pogo, and I was alone (and had another party after that, so I was dressed like in the first picture for a punk concert, yes).

But the upside part of Razz was open, and I could sit down and see everything from a good place! Sorry if the pictures are not as good as usual :(! Click for a bigger one :D

The Exploited
The Adicts, they were FABULOUS!

After this, I had a party with Laia in the basement of a restaurant... yes, yes! The basement! The place is called "Taxidermista", and once a month they do a party where the music they play is in a vinyl format... so the sound was great! There was my dear Victor; I really love this guy, he's so funny!

Laia & me, and with Victor!
I didn't know the name of this girl but she was great!

Laia was really pretty with her vintage dress... she bought it the day I bought my 50's sailor dress at Gracia, do you remember? So, that day, I found her this gorgeous dress too!

And I was wearing a vintage skirt I bought the other day... I really love the colour, isn't it adorable? Oh, by the way, there you can see my new bag, bought in Amsterdam! It's from the Van Gogh Museum!

Shirt - Forever 21
Skirt - Vintage
Socks - Calzedonia
Shoes - Melissa
Bag - Van Gogh Museum
Hair scarf - H&M

So, punk or mod? Why don't both? I am, indeed!


  1. Qué guapa estabas. Sí, el color de la faldita me parece ideal. Es tipo el nude rosita pero en verde. Tengo un vestido de un color favorito. Lo bueno es que la puedes combinar muy bien. Menudos planazos os montáis en plan doblete.

    B* a la Moda

  2. Una noche estupenda, con variedad! (no tiene una porqué auto-limitarse!)
    Y me gusta la faldita tableada, te queda bien, y lo que me encanta es el bolso y el detalle del pañuelito atado en la cabeza, qué detalle!

  3. u look great ^^
    I wish my life was as eventful as urs :3

  4. ¿Ese es el concierto durante el cual yo tuve la puntería de llamarte? xDDD ¡Que fuerte! Que grupazos x)_ Que ganas tengo de irme alli y no perderme nada XD

  5. Qué fotos fiesteras más chulas!

  6. Ibas super mona!! Me encanta tu falda


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