Sunday, May 16, 2010

And the bunny goes to...

So, Sunday!! how was your weekend? I hope it was excellent, as mine, very complete and funny... but I'll talk about it later because now I must say something really important...

Yes, the winner of my first giveaway!! Thank you so much to all the ones who participated; I've made a list with your names and numbers (only the people who said that wanted to participate in this) and I'm about to use the random generator... so...

  1. Merk
  2. Ruzu
  3. Naka
  4. VanessaValkyria
  5. Maka
  6. Sher
  7. FashionFreak
  8. Jabiru
  9. J
  10. Sara F (Yuki)
  11. Naka (as she posted about the giveaway :3)
  12. Little Monarch
  13. Reckless daughter
  14. HonneyBunny
  15. Mo
And the winner is...

Congratulations dear! So now, you cant choose what you want and the colours you want; and I'll e-mail you when I've got finished, for your address!!

Oh, I'm so happy for you! Yaw!

And I would like to thank you all the people who participated here, and who reads me every day... thank you very much!! I'll try to keep improving this little blog for all of you! You're so wonderful and I really appreciate your presence here!

Thank you!


  1. oh yay thank you ^^
    can I have a cute little strawberry ring :3

    thanks you ^^

  2. oh my email is
    too :P

  3. Aww congrats to naka! She absolutely deserves the cute bunny:)


  4. congrats on the first giveaway and to naka!


  5. wow quedé en la 2 jejeeje, por poco gano T_T

    Felicidades a la ganadora

    congrats Naka ;)

  6. enhorabuena a la ganadora!! por cierto cada vez k leo tu blog para mi es una clase de inglés, mnudo valor tiene lo k haces chica! un bsotee

  7. Oohh dear, I'm late to participate... :(
    I just saw your message today...
    But in the next giveaway I'll attend, ok? :)


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