Saturday, May 29, 2010

Life is a cabaret, so come to the cabaret...

Today we're having a Cabaret party, mixed with Eurovision! I've take some inspiration for my dress from this gorgeous woman that I really adore, Lousie Brookes.

Of course, Clara Bow too...

And other womens of the 20s...

But the truth is that I'm not so happy today because my tax return. It was supossed that the Goverment has to give me back about 700 € and now, because I didn't worked from 3 months of the last year, I've got no money back... I feel like if I were stolen or something like that...
And the bad part is that, if I don't find a job when I finish my postgrade; I'll have to come back to Algeciras, something that I really don't want (as I wanted to go out from Spain)... so it's not a "Happy 20s" for me at all...

Anyway, I hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. Wow, 100% Cabaret, lady!!! I love it. Too bad aboutyour taxes, I don't know what this government is doign...

  2. Impressive selection for a cabaret. I cannot say that I think Eurovision is anywhere nearly as glamorous, though. Perhaps I shall gay out & see for myself this year!

  3. I love their hair, so gorgeous! I hope everything works out for you and you find a job!


  4. love the photogrpahs :) I think your hair would work really well with this theme too, especially the fringe :) xx

  5. Cabaret parties sound awesome!! And I love the 20s hairstyle, so pretty!!

    Gosh, that's some bad news, Libs:(

    I hope you find a new job real soon, fingers crossed for you!


  6. Que fotos más chulas Libe!! ahora queda ver las vuestras!!
    Muchoánimo linda!! con lo emprendedora que eres seguro que consigues algun trabajillo.
    Mil besos linda!

  7. How do all these 20's women have the most perfect hair? It makes me want to hack all my hair off into a little bob like that, stat. I love that these women were beyond gorgeous and yet had... surprise! a real body with thighs that aren't matchsticks like... surprise! most women do.

    My mom is an accountant so I never have to worry about doing my tax return. Is there anyway you can contact the section of the government that handles it and try to get it fixed if not for this year than next tax season...?

  8. Louis es mi favorita, tan chic y guapa ^^
    Espero te diviertas a pesar de esa mala noticia; que asco el gobierno :S, espero te salga todo bien

  9. Ayer mismo ví una coreografía de baile cabaret, aunque no era muy buena :S Se vé que las chicas que la hicieron no tuvieron mucho tiempo de ensayar... a ver si pongo las fotos de la fiesta ^^ aunque primero irán las de mi grupo de baile of course :p

  10. 700? Dios... El Karma debe tener algo muuuy bueno preparado para ti próximamente -__-!!
    Me han encantado las fotos *.* sobre todo la de Louise Brooks con un tutú negro, que miradas tan místicas *__*

  11. te juro que por un momento pensé que la de la primera foto eras tu!! esto si que son divas y lo demas es tonteria!

  12. Lousie Brookes is absolutely stunning!
    You're gonna have so much fun, when I am in Barca I want to do cabaret too :P

  13. Siempre adoré a Lousie Brookes, realmente es hermosa.

    Mucha suerte con el trabajo!


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